Apple Energy Aims to Deliver Eco-Friendy Renewable Power to the People

Apple Energy Aims to Deliver Eco-Friendy Renewable Power to the People
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This year, Apple ranked number one in the Clean Energy Index put together by Greenpeace. Their green practices and renewable energy sources were only a few of the ways that helped Apple rank on top of the list. The company also plans on instilling green practices in the new Apple Campus 2 facility, which will be powered by on-site solar energy installations.

But Apple plans not only to bring green energy to all of its campuses and stores…now they want to bring it to the people. How? With Apple Energy.

Last week, it was discovered that a limited liability company called Apple Energy was created, with little information known about it beyond that it is a subsidiary of Apple. But what is the purpose of quietly creating this subsidiary? And what are Apple’s plans? Sources have a few guesses.

For starters, Apple has a lot of renewable energy. This is due in part to the “solar panels on top of its Cupertino, California headquarters as well as energy generated by its solar farms, hydroelectric plants and biogas facilities across the country,” as reported by EcoWatch. This is evident in the fact that “93% of its worldwide energy usage comes from renewables,” according to Forbes. Even iMessage is powered by renewable energy! In fact, the overall goal is to convert to 100% renewable energy, given that Apple is a member of the RE100. The RE100 is “a collaborative, global initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.”

But it appears that Apple has an abundance of renewable energy, which means there is more to spare. So what to do with this excess of renewable energy?

For one, Apple could begin distributing and selling off their surplus renewable energy to companies. And it appears that they plan on doing so, as Apple Energy LLC filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with the hopes of selling energy within 60 days. While Apple could sell to energy companies at wholesale rates, some sources think that Apple Energy LLC could even sell directly to homeowners (similarly to what Green Mountain Power does).

Also, its no secret that Apple is creating an Apple Car (known more secretively as “Project Titan”). Given that the car will supposedly be electric, it would make sense for Apple to start investing in energy before the launch of the vehicle. Perhaps their new subsidiary will also invest in car charging ports for Apple Car users, too

Whatever the purpose, we will know more about Apple Energy LLC after the 60-day mark.

What do you think about Apple’s foray into renewable energy? Let us know in the comments!

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