Apple Allegedly Developing New Wireless Beats “AirPods”

Apple Allegedly Developing New Wireless Beats "AirPods"
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iPhone users are familiar with the earbuds that come with every new phone each year. There have always been alternatives, but it’s more convenient to use the iconic earbuds, they are free after all. However, rumors are swirling around Apple possibly developing a new set of Beats Bluetooth headphones to be released alongside the iPhone 7 next fall.

According to 9to5mac, Apple is possibly developing two separate devices, which will fit inside a person’s ears. Each earpiece is separate with nothing physically connecting them. Possibly called “AirPods,” a trademark owned by Apple, it is expected the devices will have a noise-cancelling microphone system and a remote.

dash_headphones_insideIt doesn’t appear the earphones will be included with the iPhone, more likely an optional accessory. Despite this, it seems the iPhone 7 will not have a standard headphone jack.  Instead, there is likely to be a new type of EarPod set to come with the new phones, connecting to the Lighting port.

Battery life should be around 4 hours, but it is rumored Apple Beats earbuds lacks charging ports unlike the mini-USB port on the current models of wireless headphones. This is possibly due to Apple removing the standard headphone jack for the next iPhone.

Instead, the earbuds are expected to have a carrying case which will also recharge the internal batteries. 9to5Mac cautions readers about a potential Fall release date as the earbuds could be delayed should there be issues with the battery.

While the iPhone 7 will probably be released fall of this year, Apple has not finished their designs. “Case makers tell us that Apple is currently testing three different designs for the iPhone 7, including a completely new, thinner look as well as a backup design that looks substantially like the iPhone 6s. Since 2014, the Apple-owned Beats division has released Apple Music as well as minor updates to existing headphone lines, so this new wireless pair will mark the first major hardware launch of the merged companies.”

As always, all we can be sure about is that there is a patent suggesting the possibility of a new Bluetooth set of earbuds. Rumors are often unreliable, but occasionally they ring true.

Apple eliminating the headphone port is a shocker, but it’s unlikely the company will include Bluetooth earbuds with the iPhone 7, a move that would be welcomed.

Instead, Apple will probably offer a wired earbud set to go with the next phone. Even so, the world of Bluetooth is changing, and Apple will likely be a part of it.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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