AirPods Studio Headphones: Apple’s Worst Kept Secret Is Coming Soon

AirPods Studio Credit: Curved / Martin Hajek
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Even if Apple hasn’t made an official announcement yet, we basically know everything there is know about the upcoming over-ear headphones supposedly called AirPods Studio.

We’ve already covered everything about the AirPods Studio, along with every other set of AirPods Apple is thinking about releasing. However, Apple has yet to make an official announcement for these new headphones.

And according to a new source, the AirPods Studio is coming sooner than most of us would’ve expected. In fact, we might see an official release by the end of this month.

Apple AirPods Studio Will Be Announced at WWDC

During one of his most recent videos, EveryApplePro explained that the AirPods Studio will most likely be announced during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC for short, which starts on June 22nd

This tip comes from XDA developer, Max Weinbach, who claims the firmware for the AirPods Studio has been finalized, and it’s ready to start production.

That, however, contradicts a previous leak, which suggested Apple had already begun the production of the over-ear headphones in Vietnam.

Despite this difference, both sources agree that shipments are expected for the end of June and the beginning of July, so it seems that we could see a revamped AirPods lineup by the end of this month.

AirPods Studio isn’t the only product we expect Apple to unveil at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Other rumors suggest that Apple will also showcase a new iMac during this event.

About AirPods Studio

A new pair of over-ear headphones made by Apple has been rumored and expected for quite a while now, but we got our first glance at the AirPods Studio in a huge iOS 14 leak, which was first named AirPods X.

Since then, we’ve learned a lot about Apple’s first over-ear headphones. According to rumors and leaks, these headphones will offer a more premium experience than the current AirPods lineup.

The AirPods Studio will have better audio quality than the current AirPods Pro, as well as better noise cancellation. It’ll also have a new ear sensor that that’ll let you use the AirPods Studio backwards, as well as a neck and head detection feature which will pause the music when you take the headphones off your head.

And, as you would expect from a higher-end product, the AirPods Studio will be the most expensive in the AirPods lineup, but not as expensive as you would expect from Apple. If rumors are correct, the AirPods Studio will come at a price of $349.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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