5G Costs Force Apple to Ditch the iPhone 12’s Free EarPods and Charger

iPhone 12 Box Credit: EverythingApplePro
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Another round of rumors suggests Apple may be shipping the iPhone 12 without a charging block and EarPods. The reason for this slimmed-down package is cost.

The addition of 5G allegedly drove up production costs, forcing Apple to trim down expenses in other areas. The most obvious items to remove are the charing block and EarPods, which often sit unused in the box.

Earlier this year, noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the upcoming iPhone 12 would ship without headphones. Other analysts and internet sources chimed in to confirm the removal of the headphones. They added that Apple also was ditching the charging adapter. Cost is repeatedly the underlying reason for these changes.

Because Apple may only ship the iPhone 12 with a single charging cable, the company also may redesign the iPhone box, making it slimmer and more compact. This new, smaller box allows the company to fit more units on a shipping pallet, another cost-saving measure that would let Apple ship more iPhones at once.

The latest rumor from TrendForce again corroborates Apple’s decision to remove the EarPods and the charging adapter but places the blame on 5G. According to sources, Apple is trying to “cut costs and stabilize retail pricing.”

The Cupertino company reportedly is trying to keep the phone at existing price points, even though 5G mmWave technology and other materials were more costly than anticipated. According to the research firm, the bill of materials for the iPhone 12 is significantly higher than previous iPhone models.

This year, Apple is expected to introduce new iPhone models during a virtual press event to be held in October. The company typically unveils new iPhones in September, but the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the launch by a few weeks.

Apple also is expected to release new Apple Watch and iPad models this fall as well. These devices may be unveiled in September via carefully timed press releases.

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