4 New Predictions for iPhone 6S, Apple Watch, and More

4 New Predictions for iPhone 6S, Apple Watch, and More

An Apple analyst by the name of Ming-Chi Kuo never ceases to amaze us. Kuo somehow gets his hands on information regarding the newest Apple devices over and over again, keeping us in the loop with all of Apple’s newest ventures. While his predictions are not always 100% spot-on, they are usually very close. Kuo has shared some new information regarding Apple’s new lineup, some of which is rather surprising.

We can expect to see a few new products this fall, most likely in late September. These products might include a refreshed Apple Watch color scheme, a new iPad mini, a new iMac, and the always-anticipated iPhone 6S.

Apple Watch to be Refreshed with New Colors

Man Wearing Black Apple Watch with Vans low res
Kuo predicts that Apple will be re-launching the Apple Watch in new color variants that could catch a potential watch buyer’s eye. These colors will reportedly match the color options available for the iPhone 6S. The new color options for the aluminum Sport casing will include (fake) gold and rose gold.

These color variants will not be made of actual gold, but will definitely be a welcome addition in effort to spice up the Apple Watch lineup. Apple has reportedly sold about 3.9 million watches so far, which falls deeply behind the estimated 15 million watches they were estimated to sell. It is highly possible the new Apple Watch colors will be exactly what Apple needs to get the wearable technology on the wrists of more potential buyers.

New iPad miniipad-air-2-goldIt is extremely likely that we will see an updated version of the iPad mini this fall. It is expected that the iPad mini 4 will have many of the same features we find in the iPad Air 2, bringing the miniature iPad in-line with current technology being offered on its larger counterparts.

Nothing was mentioned by Kuo regarding an iPad Air 3, which parallel other rumors stating Apple will be skipping past the iPad Air 3 for now. The idea is, Apple will be working on producing an iPad Pro with a much larger 12.2-inch display, and focusing the attention on that device rather than the 9.7-inch model.

New iMac051915-NEWMACBOOKANDIMAC-2Kuo states that Apple will likely release updated products within the iMac lineup during the third or fourth quarter of the year. There isn’t much information regarding the capabilities of the updated desktop computers. However, Kuo does go on to say that the introduction dates line up with the back-to-school schedule, which usually see an increase in sales. Apple moved as many as 5.3 million iMac computers last quarter, and is speculated to sell 5.8 million iMac computers this quarter.

iPhone 6S to Receive Bump in Storage Capacityiphone 6 gradient backgroundWhile the iPhone 6S has already been heavily reported on, we have learned even more new information regarding the device. Rumors speculate that the device will drop the 16 GB entry-level storage capacity. It is highly possible, and anticipated, that Apple will instead introduce a 32 GB memory module to the iPhone 6S. Allegedly, there are no indications of a 16 GB iPhone 6S within Apple’s production facility, Foxconn. Rumors state that only 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB versions of the iPhone 6S will be available for purchase. This move would double the base-model storage capacity of Apple’s newest flagship device making the iPhone more capable than ever.

Kuo makes no mention of the updated Apple TV. His lack of knowledge on the topic makes us wonder if Apple is even close to mass producing it’s set-top-box. The new Apple TV seems to be continuously pushed back later and later, because of this, a fall release is becoming less probable. Looking on the bright-side, if Apple doesn’t release the new Apple TV this fall, the iPhone 6S should pack enough goodies to keep us entertained.


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