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12.9-inch iPad Pro to Include Stylus

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Reports from a KGI Securities analyst recently surfaced that indicate that the 12.9-inch “iPad Pro”, expected to be released in the second quarter of this year may include a stylus device with it.

KGI Securities (usually a very reliable source), bases this speculation on several of Apple’s patent filings for a tablet as well as their own independent research. They also cite the need for the tablet to differentiate the upcoming iPad Pro from the competition (aside from the size, of course).


The stylus is rumored to be an optional accessory, charged via the Lightning cable. KGI speculates that the first generation of the stylus will more than likely be very simple – used for pointing, writing, and drawing. Later generations may take advantage of more advanced features included in some of Apple’s patents, the ability to draw in the air (or any other surface) and transmit the data to the tablet, for example.

Although the late Steve Jobs was famously anti-stylus, quoted as saying “if you see a stylus, they (the developers) blew it,” with the increasing popularity of the iPad in workplace and educational environments, a stylus may be a welcome addition with the iPad Pro release.

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