Xvida’s New iPhone 11 Cases Defy Gravity, Leverage Magnets for the Perfect Charge

Xvida Iphone 11 Cases
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Pros: Xvida's magnetic system allows your iPhone to charge wirelessly in midair. The company's newest cases for iPhone 11 feature microfiber lining, durable reinforced two-layer construction, a front raised lip for maximum protection against bumps and drops, and are coated with liquid silicone to create the perfect texture.
Bottom Line: Xvida's magnetic cases are similar to Apple's silicone cases, but come with magnetic wireless charging benefits that Apple's cases just don't provide.

If you’re planning to upgrade to one of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhones, you’ll definitely need a quality case. But why settle for any ordinary case, when you could get a new silicone case with more functionality for less money than Apple’s?

Xvida invented and popularized its game-changing magnetically-locking iPhone cases. But what does that mean exactly? Let’s explore the company’s unique wireless charging system to find out if it’s right for you.

The Xvida Wireless Charging System

Using Xvida’s combination of products, your iPhone snaps onto compatible wireless chargers just like magic. Basically, powerful magnets integrated within the company’s cases allow users to easily (and securely) dock their iPhone to any Xvida wireless charger for efficient magnetic wireless charging at home or even in the car.

Xvida’s chargers stand vertically (or can be vertically mounted) and leverage their powerful magnets to grip your iPhone in midair. It’s an elegant solution that looks sophisticated and works well (even on walls). Watch the video above to get an idea of how the system works.

Not only do Xvida’s cases provide ample protection for your iPhone, but their strong magnets guarantee that you’ll get a seamless wireless charging connection each and every time. Xvida’s system is smart, and the company seems to be a true innovator in the wireless charging space.

Wireless charging is simple enough, but with an Xvida case, you can toss your iPhone onto a compatible charging pad and let the magnets find the perfect connection. Now that you understand how Xvida’s magnetic wireless charging system works, let’s discuss their latest cases for the iPhone 11 lineup.

Similar to Apple’s Silicone Cases, Yet So Very Different

Xvida’s magnetic cases are similar to Apple’s silicone cases, but come with the magnetic wireless charging benefits that Apple’s cases just don’t provide. And we can’t fail to mention that Xvida’s magnetic cases are more affordable too.

Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 11$39
Xvida Magnetic Silicone Case for iPhone 11$25

These magnetic iPhone 11 cases feature microfiber lining, a durable reinforced two-layer construction, and a front raised lip for maximum protection against bumps and accidental drops. Coated with Liquid Silicone, they deliver the perfect blend of grittiness and smoothness, and they fit the new lineup of iPhones like a glove.

They’re also compatible with all other wireless chargers too, so there’s no need to worry if they’ll work with the chargers you already have.

Xvida Iphone 11 Silicone Cases2

Xvida Silicone Cases for iPhone 11 Devices

Xvida’s new iPhone 11 cases defy gravity and leverage magnets for the perfect charge.

  • Microfiber lining.
  • Durable reinforced two-layer construction.
  • Front raised lip for maximum protection against bumps and drops.
  • Coated with Liquid Silicone to create the perfect texture.
  • Magnetic system allows your iPhone to charge wirelessly in midair.

Xvida’s new magnetic silicone cases have a brilliant soft-touch grip that provides ample protection, and they’re available in three distinctive colors, including blue, red, and black. They’re soft yet durable and are sure to hold up well over time.

These silicone cases from Xvida are available now starting at $25; and be sure to pick up one of Xvida’s magnetic chargers as well.

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