Upgrade Your Lightning Cables with This Ultra-Durable 10-Ft, Nylon 3-Pack

10 FT Lightning Cable 3 Pack Credit: JinXTech
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Bottom Line: These braided cables are more durable than standard cables and measure in at an incredible 10-feet, making it easy to continue using your iPhone while charging, even if the nearest outlet is far away.

If there’s one part of your Apple ecosystem that needs to be replaced more than any other, we’re betting it’s your charging cables. Typical Lightning cables just don’t last very long, especially in rougher environments or with a year or two of casual use. They tear and generally call for replacements every year or so.

The problem is that there’s a flourishing market of counterfeit Lightning cables that are much cheaper and that you absolutely should not buy –– they can create fire hazards, damage your battery, and more. But you may want a cable that lasts longer than the average cable from Apple, without paying too much. Where does that leave you?

Put simply, it leaves you with this excellent deal on MFi-certified Lightning cables. This kit of cables, originally $90, is available for only $30 right now and will meet all of your Apple cable needs.

Lightning Cable Bundle1

10-Ft. MFi-Certified Braided Lightning Cable Bundle

These braided cables are more durable than standard Lightning cables and measure in at an incredible 10-feet, making it easy to continue using your iPhone while charging, even if the nearest outlet is far away.

  • Rugged braided nylon design resists tearing.
  • Extra long at 10 feet.
  • Apple MFi-Certified.
  • Tangle-resistant.
  • 14-day returns.
  • Charges devices and syncs data with your computer.

The bundle includes three 10-foot braided Lightning cables, completely Apple MFi-certified and safe to use. Here are three key benefits you should note.

Nylon Braiding for Durability

Nylon braided cables are so great; we’re not sure why companies don’t use braided cables by default (maybe it’s too expensive for them). The nylon braiding makes the cables extra-durable from all sorts of every-day problems. Do your pets like to chew on your cables? Or have kids yanking cables from ports like they’re at a rodeo? Have a nasty habit of tripping over your own charging cables at the worst times? Nylon braiding protects against all of that, along with other issues that can lead to cable tearing or cable cracks that develop over time.

Not only that, but nylon braiding also helps prevent annoying tangles and knots that are bad for your cables. Honestly, we don’t know why everyone hasn’t switched to these already.

10-Foot Length

The Lightning cables that come with our Apple devices are too short. They’re fine if you’re only charging via your MacBook or on a nightstand, or if you only use wireless charging. Otherwise, the cables aren’t long enough to be useful for much, and that can make them even easier to damage.

If you’ve never tried a 10-foot cable instead, you will quickly see how these can change your life. You can position all your devices just the way you need to for work or charging, and never worry about yanking anything off the table or out of the outlet. With these cables, your device management gets a whole lot easier and more versatile. And you don’t have to worry nearly as much about which outlets are nearby.

14-Day Returns

Just in case you’re worried about defects or unforeseen issues, there’s a 14-day return window from the seller, so you do have the option to get your cables replaced if necessary. It’s an excellent addition when purchasing certified products from a third party, which shows that the seller values their product.

If you’re interested in this cable upgrade, act quickly to take advantage of this deal – and the same is true if you want to buy for friends or family members.

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