Top 10 HomeKit Compatible Home Automation Products of 2016

Top 10 HomeKit Compatible Home Automation Products of 2016
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Home automation is one of the more rapidly expanding trends in the tech world, and it’s a market dominated by literally hundreds of different manufacturers, devices, and compatibilities. So, suffice to say, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which products to go with when automating your home.

To make it a bit easier, here are our picks for the top 10 home automation products that are compatible with Apple’s iOS 10 and HomeKit.

 1. Elgato Eve Home Monitoring


For people who want the specifics about almost every single detail of their house, they should look no further than the Elgato Eve series.

The Eve Range, which consists of four separate sensors, allows users to view really specific data about individual areas of their house — including humidity levels, air quality, temperature, and even outside air pressure.

And it’s not just basic data, either. For example, the air quality sensor goes beyond just detecting CO2 levels; it gives you insights and analysis about other compounds too — such as pollutants from carpet, paint, smoke, and cleaning products.

The data is viewable at a glance, or by day, month or year. And it’s all HomeKit-compatible, meaning you can ask Siri questions such as: “How’s the air quality in my kid’s room?”

2. First Alert ONELINK


While Nest is dominating the market of smoke- and carbon monoxide-detection systems, First Alert’s ONELINK is an excellent option if you’re looking for something that’s compatible with HomeKit.

The system, which the company says is tested to the highest safety industry standards, automatically sends you notifications in the event of a smoke or CO emergency — the product will tell you the type of danger and what part of the house it’s located in, as well.

The ONELINK even lets you remotely conduct tests from your iPhone or iPad — and allows you to silence false alarms conveniently as well.

As a plus, ONELINK is sports a battery that lasts for 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about periodic battery replacements — or hear those annoying battery alert chirps in the dead of night.

3. Philips Hue


Philips’ Hue is smart lighting system designed to let you control the color and brightness of its products from your iOS device.

Hue offers remote controls for lighting, light scheduling, comfort dimming and wake-up settings — letting you control virtually every aspect of your home’s lighting, right from HomeKit.

And for mood lighting, Hue lets you create ambiance by offering hundreds of different color options, and it can even sync with movies to create a dynamic film-watching atmosphere.

Throwing a dance party? Hue also lets you sync its lighting systems with music app to create a party atmosphere that’s sure to impress.

4. Hunter Symphony Ceiling Fans


For those looking for a serious upgrade to their ceiling fans, there are few better options than Hunter’s new line of smart fan systems.

The Memphis-based company offers several elegant, HomeKit-compatible ceiling fan options sure to bring class and intelligence to your home.

Hunter’s Symphony and Signal fans were debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, and the company says both fans are “an effortless step into the world of home automation.”

Both fans offer Siri control, and integration with other HomeKit-enabled systems — and include a variety of different modes controllable from your iPhone or iPad.

5. August Smart Lock


August’s smart lock is a clever device that utilizes Bluetooth to make coming home an effortless process.

Owners of the lock can use Siri to remotely lock or unlock doors. And the smart locks’ Bluetooth connection senses your device as you approach, automatically unlocking the door — so no more fumbling with keys when it’s dark out.

You can even create “virtual keys” for guests to use, and monitor who comes and goes, right from your smartphone.

If your phone dies, you can still unlock it manually with an included key. It’s Apple Watch-compatible too, so you can control your door right from your wrist.

What separates the August Smart Lock from other HomeKit-compatible locks is that it integrates with existing deadbolts — so it doesn’t require a full replacement of your current deadbolt system.

6. Ecobee3


The Ecobee3 is a seriously smart thermostat that promises individual, customized comfort for all of the favorite rooms in your house. The system is HomeKit compatible, so you can adjust temperatures on the go.

While most thermostats will take a reading from a single room, the Ecobee3 uses multiple sensors to take readings in each individual room throughout your house — the company promises room-specific comfort, and the banishing of hot or cold spots.

The system can “follow” you around your house with its motion detectors. And it can even tell how many people are in a certain room — adjusting the temperature accordingly.

Ecobee3 also promises more efficiency, due to its smart heating or cooling decisions. The company says Ecobee3 owners save an average of 23 percent annually.

7. iDevices Switch


The Switch from iDevices is a cool little device that allows you to monitor and control virtually every electronic appliance in your house.

You plug your lamp, coffee maker, or other electronic appliance into the Switch, and then plug the Switch into a wall outlet.

From there, you can see how much energy your appliance is consuming. You can even turn appliances on and off using Siri voice commands — all from your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device.

You can group appliances together into rooms, and even set dynamic schedules for individual electronics — meaning they’ll turn on or off, automatically, at the times you set them to.

8. iSmartAlarm


Home alarm systems offer us peace of mind, but typically require expensive monthly fees and contracts.

That’s where the IndieGoGo-born iSmartAlarm is different. It’s a DIY, self-monitored system, meaning that you’ll install it and control it yourself.

The system’s motion sensors, cameras and alarms are all controllable from the free iOS app. From there, you can arm and disarm the system, activate the panic siren, and even go into “Home Mode” — which lets you secure the house with contact sensors without worrying about your pets triggering a false motion alarm.

One of the caveats is that it’s a self-monitored system. You’re notified of a breach by way of a phone notification, but calling the police is up to you.

Still, iSmartAlarm is a much more affordable way of securing your home. It’s available in a variety of packages to suit your specific needs.

9. Lutron Smart Window Shades / Blinds


Lutron already offers a variety of HomeKit-controlled lighting systems and recently they’ve announced advanced smart-window blinds and shades.

The Serena Remote Controlled Shades add an elegant touch to any room, and are available in a variety of different fabrics, colors, and textures for ultimate customization.

They install without wires, and operate silently.

Best of all, they’re HomeKit-enabled, meaning you can use Siri to open or close these shades from virtually anywhere you can connect to the internet.

10. Chamberlain MyQ Garage


So there’s smart locks, smart cameras, and even smart thermostats, all hoping to bring you a step closer to full home automation.

But, chances are, many of us in suburban neighborhoods enter our home from our garage, not from our front door.

Luckily, the MyQ from Chamberlain — a HomeKit partner — is a smart garage door opener that’s compatible with most iOS devices.

The MyQ can work with virtually any modern garage door opener built since the 1990s, and is quick and easy to install. It works with your existing Wi-Fi network, too.

Using MyQ, you can control your garage door from anywhere — and receive remote alerts when it opens and closes. So you won’t be halfway to your destination, asking yourself if you remembered to close the garage door.

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