This Wi-Fi Enabled Dash Cam with Night Vision Records the Inside AND Outside of Your Car

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Pros: Large display. Night vision. GPS. Wi-Fi. Dual cameras. Automatic incident detection (G-Sensor). Impressive microphone. Loop-cycle recording.
Cons: Playback controls require a slight learning curve.
Bottom Line: An impressive feature set (along with stellar video and sound quality) makes this dual-sensor dash camera a great purchase for your vehicle.

It’s one of the first things they teach you in driving school. You’ve got to be a defensive driver. According to the NSC, 4.5 million U.S. drivers were seriously injured in car accidents last year alone.

Defensive driving can help you mitigate potential accidents and avoid hazardous road conditions. Yet, despite being cautious, accidents still happen every single day (so its best to be prepared). First, be sure to follow these tips.

  • Keep your registration and insurance handy so you can exchange information with the other driver(s) quickly.
  • Take pictures of your vehicle for insurance purposes and immediately file an accident report.
  • If there’s a disagreement on whose fault the accident was, a second perspective is always helpful. Invest in a dash camera, like the OwlScout Front and Cabin Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi + GPS Dash Cam.

OwlScout Features

Owlscout Dash Cam1
  1. Crystal clear exterior video quality, recorded in 1080p full HD.
  2. Infrared night vision to capture video low-light or dark environments.
  3. Wi-Fi connectivity for seamlessly transferring video to your smartphone.
  4. GPS logging of all the routes that you drive.

Who Is This Dash Cam for?

This product isn’t solely for personal use. People who drive for a living should also take advantage of a dash cam, that includes individuals who drive for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

Now there are more Uber and Lyft drivers on the road (an estimated 45,000 drivers in San Francisco alone) and all of them could benefit from an extra set of eyes.

For gig economy workers, a dash cam is super helpful for monitoring rider behavior and refuting any false claims. It also keeps a careful eye on your car in the event that a rider steals one of your possessions.


OwlScout Front and Cabin Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi GPS Dash Cam

The OwlScout is a high-performance dash cam that ready to capture all your moments on the road and inside your vehicle. This dual channel dash cam records in 1080p full HD with the Sony Exmor sensor in the front camera, ensuring clear video quality. GPS logging saves all the routes you take, and Wi-Fi connectivity gives you easy access to view and transfer footage from your dash cam to your smartphone. And, once it gets dark, night vision kicks in to record everything clearly within the cabin. 

  • Records in crystal-clear 1080p.
  • Dual cameras are perfect for rideshare drivers and more.
  • Night vision lets you record when it’s dark.
  • 145° viewing angle captures more of what’s going on.
  • Sony Exmor sensor.
  • microSD card included.

Dash cams offer support to these gig workers who receive limited protection from their parent companies. And because these drivers are on the road more often, they’re statistically more likely to get into an accident — a dash cam could offer a much needed second opinion on which driver or person is to blame.

What’s Included?

  1. OwlScout Dash Cam.
  2. PU Gel Suction Mount.
  3. Car Cigarette Lighter Charger.
  4. 16 GB microSD Card with Adapter.


Recording Resolution1080P + 1080P 30FPS
Imaging SensorSony Exmor, Infrared Night Vision
Display Size2.7″ LCD
View Angle(F.O.V.)145°+145° (F+V)
microSD card16GB microSD Card Included with Adapter
Batteries Included170mAh Li-ion battery embedded
Camera Power SourceCar Charger Plug-in, 1000mA Battery
Automatic Incident Detection (G-Sensor)Yes
Loop-Cycle RecordingYes
Built-in Wi-FiYes
Built-in GPS LoggingYes
Integrated MicrophoneYes

Don’t drive alone. Take along the OwlScout Front & Cabin Full HD 1080p Wi-Fi GPS Dash Cam for extra peace of mind.

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