This Impressive AirSounds Bundle Costs Only $40 (and Includes a Wireless Charger + More)

Airsounds Wireless Charging Bundle 2 Credit: AirSounds
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Bottom Line: Highlighted by the wireless AirSounds headphones, this iPhone accessory bundle features the essentials you'll need for the ultimate experience. You'll get a pair of true wireless earbuds with modern features, plus an extra-long Lightning cable, micro USB cable and a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Want to get AirPods style and functionality without the AirPods price? With the new AirSounds True Wireless Earbuds bundle, you can.

AirSounds are an affordable alternative to Apple’s flagship wireless headphones. They aren’t a perfect copy of AirPods, but they do pack impressive build quality, audio quality, and convenience.

They pump out excellent-sounding and balanced audio for the price, with little to no distortion. With built-in audio controls, they’re great for both music and podcast playback (and phone calls too).

Like their Apple counterpart, AirSounds also connect without wires. Using Bluetooth 5.0, AirSounds are as convenient as any standard Bluetooth speaker or headphones and sport a range up to 33 feet.

As we mentioned, the build quality is also impressive for the price. They feel well-built and are shockingly close to AirPods themselves. Even small details, like the earbuds magnetically snapping into place, are here. True Apple aficionados may be able to tell the difference, but AirSounds could fool anyone else.

The included carrying case can also charge the AirSounds, offering up to 8 additional hours of battery life. (Without the charging case, AirSounds can last up to four hours.)

Don’t worry about waiting all day for the headphones to charge, either. AirSounds go from dead to fully-charged in about an hour, while the charging case takes about two hours to fully charge.

And now, AirSounds are available in a $39.99 bundle that includes other useful Apple accessories. That includes an extra-long, 3-meter USB-A to Lightning cable, a micro USB cable, and a Qi-compatible wireless charger (so you can keep your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, and XS Max juiced up).

Airsounds Wireless Charging Bundle 5

Wireless AirSounds Earbuds, Extra-Long Lightning Cable and Wireless Charger Bundle

Highlighted by the true wireless AirSounds headphones, this awesome iPhone accessory bundle features the core essentials you’ll need for the ultimate iPhone experience. You’ll get an awesome pair of true wireless earbuds with modern features, plus an extra-long Lightning cable, a micro USB cable, and a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

  • AirSounds with Bluetooth 5.0 audio.
  • 4 hours of playback on a single charge.
  • Included portable charging case.
  • 3 meter Lightning cable included.
  • Qi wireless charger included.
  • micro USB cable included.

Along with the already included Micro USB charging cable, the bundle has everything you need to keep both your AirSounds and your iPhone charged while you’re on the go. Again, that’s just $39.99 for AirSounds, the included charging case, two different cables, and a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

If you’d like to get even closer to AirPods style and functionality, you get the premium version of this bundle for just $10 more ($49.99). The premium bundle includes AirSounds 2, which features auto-pairing, touch-based controls and a wireless charging case compatible with Qi wireless chargers.

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