This Highly-Rated Apple Pencil Alternative Is on Sale for Only $15

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Price: $15.00 Buy
Editor's Rating:
Pros: World's smallest conductive-silicone 4 mm rubber tip, auto-rotating functionality, works seamlessly with bigger screens, fantastic price.
Cons: Light strokes may be tough to register.
Bottom Line: While not as precise as the Apple Pencil, the Hand Stylus offers unmatched accuracy that you won't find in other third-party styluses for an unbeatable price.

Believe it or not, the iPhone and iPad weren’t initially intended to be used with a stylus. Apple’s capacitive touch screens were designed to work seamlessly with finger inputs, not just pen tips like the antiquated Palm Pilot. Still, maneuvering, writing or drawing on a touchscreen can be challenging – and even Apple released a branded stylus as case in point.

Why Use a Stylus?

With smartphones and tablets now available in much larger sizes, it’s getting increasingly difficult to operate them using only one hand. Say, you own a bigger handset like the iPhone XS Max, you may find it challenging to perform one-handed typing (although you’ll appreciate the large text). And a stylus can make navigating large screens, drawing and playing games much more comfortable.

Of course, a stylus also aids in keeping your screen free from grime. Considering that you touch your phone or tablet thousands of times daily, it won’t take long until it’s contaminated with dirt and all sorts of bacteria. Using a stylus helps keep your devices from carrying germs.

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But the primary benefit of a stylus, without question, is that it can allow for more accurate typing and easier swiping. Your fingers likely cover a lot of screen real estate, leading you to tap the wrong letter or number. The smaller tip of a stylus can offer precision your fingers can’t deliver. Expect to finally jot down notes, sign documents, and jump from one app to another with ease with the help of a stylus.

How Does the Hand Stylus Match up?

There’s no arguing that the Apple Pencil is unmatched when it comes to speed, features, and accuracy; but not everyone can justify forking out a hundred dollars for what is essentially a pen. A worthy alternative? The Hand Stylus, a top-rated stylus designed to provide maximum precision to help you get the most out of your touch-screen devices, including those outfitted with screen protectors.

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The most notable feature of this stylus is that it’s designed with the world’s smallest conductive-silicone 4mm replaceable rubber tip. This means that it mimics the physical sensation of a real pen, allowing you to write legible notes, draw, type, play games, and more with absolute ease. An added bonus: it comes equipped with auto-rotating functionality, letting you wear the tip down evenly over time.

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When not in use, you can retract the tip as you would with a real pen. With a single click, it retracts inside the case, preventing it from accumulating dust or getting damaged when stored inside a bag. It also has an anodized hexagonal barrel for better grip as well as a pocket clip for attaching to a case or your pocket.

How to Get One

On any given day, the Hand Stylus retails for $19.95, but you can get it on sale today for $15 — a savings of 24 percent.

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Hand Stylus

A top-rated, ultra-precise touchscreen stylus with retractable and replaceable tip.

  • Includes the world’s smallest conductive-silicone 4 mm rubber tip.
  • Create digital drawings with the physical sensation of using a real pen.
  • Write signatures with ease.
  • Wear the tip down evenly with auto-rotating functionality.
  • Eliminates fingerprints and grime.
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