This $30 PureZen Fitness Tracker Monitors Your Heart Rate, Calories, Sleep (and Much More)

Purezen Fitness Tracker Hero Credit: PureZen
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Pros: Sub-$30 fitness tracker that tracks your steps and calories, monitors your sleep and heart rate, and locates your phone.
Cons: Not suitable for swimming.
Bottom Line: The PureZen Fitness Tracker is a wallet-friendly smartwatch alternative to big names like Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin that delivers all the basic functionality you need to stay active.

In 2019, fitness trackers are as ubiquitous as smartphones. Go to any public area, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll spot numerous people donning futuristic smartwatches. Even the anti-fitness buffs are leveraging the benefits of fitness trackers. At this point, they’re not just a fad anymore – they’re part of society.

Why Use a Fitness Tracker?

Gone are the days when watches were solely meant for timekeeping. Thanks to the revolutionary technology brought about by pioneers like Pebble and Fitbit, fitness trackers — or smartwatches, if you will — are now capable of yielding all sorts of data pertaining to your health.

In addition to telling you how many steps you’ve taken or how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed each day, fitness trackers also give you an overview of how you’re doing with other health factors like heart rate, sleep, and calories. Plus, they also offer easy access to weather, reminders, and notifications, meaning a quick wrist flick can tell you whether or not you should bring an umbrella to work on any given day.

Now that it’s almost summer, it’s time to get back into a fitness routine. And there’s no better accountability buddy than a fitness tracker.

How Does the PureZen Fitness Tracker Match up?

While Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Garmin continue to be the go-to names for fitness trackers, that doesn’t mean that you should limit your search to the heavy-hitters. There are more affordable alternatives that can hold a candle to those big names, and leading the pack is the PureZen Fitness Tracker.

Boasting an 0.96-inch OLED color display, this fitness tracker delivers crisp and vibrant graphics. It keeps tabs on your activity levels throughout the day, including your step count, distance traveled, and calories burned with the help of the companion app.

Want to figure out if you’ve slept the doctor-recommended eight hours? PureZen monitors that, too. Along with your heart rate, it tracks your sleep so you can get a complete overview of the total hours of shuteye you get each week. That includes whether you’ve achieved your sleep goal, the number of times you were jolted wide awake, and how much time you spend in light and deep sleep stages.

When you’ve spent too much time hunched over your computer or parked on the sofa, the smartwatch will alert you that it’s time to get moving. It also provides you with notifications for calls, messages, and social media alerts so you can stay connected while away from your phone. And should you happen to misplace your device, you can take advantage of the phone finding function to track its location.

The design isn’t something to scoff at, either. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetic will go with any outfit, and the IP67 rating ensures that it won’t incur damage should it accidentally get damp from a summer rain shower or sweaty workout.

How to Get Your Hands on One

On any given day, the PureZen Fitness Tracker would set you back $120, but for a limited time, you can get it here for the marked-down price of only $29.99. That’s a savings of 75 percent.

Purezen Fitness Tracker Hero

PureZen Fitness Tracker

Combined with its companion app, this fitness-focused wearable lets you monitor your heart rate, sleep, steps, and other health factors while giving you quick access to the weather, reminders, and notifications. Its IP67 design ensures it will keep up throughout rainy days, and it even comes with a phone finding function in case you misplace your device.

  • Count your steps, distance and calories throughout the day.
  • Monitor your heart rate and sleep.
  • Stay active with sedentary reminders and fitness goal settings.
  • Keep updated with notifications for calls, messages and social media.
  • Easily illuminate the screen by raising your wrist.
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