Social Distancing Bundle | Read 385+ Micro Books, Learn 24 New Languages and Access This VPN (for Life)

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Bottom Line: Learn 24 new languages, expand your knowledge on tons of new topics and protect your online data with lifetime access to these highly rated apps.

Are social distancing and lockdown measures in your area leaving you with a little too much time? Are your old hobbies not nearly as feasible in this new world we’re dealing with? You’re certainly not alone, and there are good reasons so many people are going online to keep their lives moving forward.

If you’re looking to expand your digital horizons, we’ve got precisely the bundle to check out. This bundle includes lifetime subscriptions to Rosetta Stone for finally mastering that language you’ve been thinking about, as well as a pass to 12-minute micro books to get caught up on all the literature you’ve been missing and more.

The bundle is more than 75% off at just $199, making this a great opportunity to invest in your life without breaking the bank. Here’s what’s included.

Rosetta Stone Unlimited Access

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone has long been one of the top language apps for mastering a new language, and this bundle includes a lifetime subscription so you can continue to use it for years. You don’t have to pick just one language, either – this subscription makes all 24 languages on the program available to master as many as you’d like.

If you haven’t paid much attention to Rosetta Stone, the latest version of the app comes stocked with some truly great tech, including speech recognition designed to see if you’re nailing the accent, interactive software with great explanations, and courses that include lessons on reading and writing as well as speaking. The software moves from basic conversation skills that are helpful in travel to intermediate and advanced lessons for explaining ideas and discussing current events in other languages.

The extra time we have from social distancing provides an excellent opportunity for self-enrichment…so maybe it’s finally time to pick up that new language like you’ve wanted to learn for so long. Rosetta Stone can make it happen, and content that would normally cost a few hundred bucks is available for only a fraction of the cost. Get the bundle here.

12min Premium Micro Book Library


It can be especially difficult to keep up on important reading, particularly when your reading list keeps getting longer. And while quarantine may have given you time to catch up on some of the reading you’ve wanted to do, chances are good you didn’t wear out your library card yet. 

12min offers an alternative for those of us who are still busy, but do have a bit more time and would like to expand our literary and industry knowledge. It condenses books down to 12-minute audio reports that you can listen to on your phone, or quickly browse through with a text version.

No internet connection is required, and every report focuses on providing the necessary information from the text. Titles span multiple topics and industries, including both recent books and the classics, with 30 new titles added every month. This subscription includes a lifetime pass for 12min, with access to 385 books (and counting).

This subscription is a great deal for those who have tired of their current podcasts and want to try out something a little different. It’s also an excellent app for entrepreneurs and business leaders that want to keep up on the latest news and theories in their industry, but don’t have time to read through every new book that comes out about it. Get the bundle here.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited


Have you been spending more time online lately? We’re all getting used to streaming meetings, visiting digital classrooms, and taking advantage of streaming deals in 2020. But that also creates some very real risks when it comes to data theft via hacking. Online connections, especially in public places, are not secure and can make it easy for someone to intercept your data…unless you have a VPN.

VPNs create encryption tunnels that secure your data even if you are on an untrustworthy network, and this bundle includes a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN for just such purposes, using AES 256-bit encryption for your data, and zero-log policy so that no one will be tracking your activity.

That’s just the beginning of what you can do with a VPN. KeepSolid also offers 400 servers in 80 different spots around the world, allowing you to server hop around, so you can look for deals or get around geo-restrictions when watching shows (for example, Hulu and Netflix show some shows for US servers, but not for UK servers, and vice-versa).

The service is available on major platforms including Android and iOS – and even browsers like Chrome and Firefox (with a limit of five simultaneous devices). If you’ve never used a VPN before, it’s very easy to use: Just enable it on your device when you need protection and choose a new server location. Get the bundle here.

Software Bundle

The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle

Access a huge library of micro books, learn up to 24 new languages, and protect your online data (for life) for just $199.

  • Expand your mind in minutes by reading streamlined micro books.
  • Choose from different topics, including productivity, finance, leadership and more.
  • Learn up to 24 languages with award-winning interactive software and proprietary speech-recognition technology that analyzes the words you say 100 times per second.
  • Get help from TruAccent™, the world’s best speech recognition technology.
  • Reliably protect your data on any public Wi-Fi source.
  • Surf with no speed or bandwidth limits.
  • Access 400+ VPN servers with 80+ locations globally, including the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong.

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