Product Review: Case-Mate Naked Tough Case for iPhone 6

Naked Tough Case 1

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous looking device that begs to be noticed. Many people wish to show off their new iPhone without a case, but can’t risk losing the protection. That’s what drew me to the Case-MateTough Naked for iPhone 6.

As its name implies the Naked Tough Case displays the iPhone 6’s natural beauty through clear plastic. The case is not very thick and is easy to hold. The case is dual layered, which means that there are two parts to the case. The first part is a nearly translucent bumper that wraps the edge of the phone. The second piece is the clear plastic that attaches to the bumper. I have dropped my phone in the dual layer case about five times and my phone is still in perfect condition. The case has also survived all five drops and doesn’t have a single crack.

The iPhone’s lock and volume buttons are protected by the cases own silver buttons. The case’s buttons function suitably allowing you to change the volume and lock the phone without hardship.

All connection ports are easily accessible and protected by the rubber bumper. Just a small portion of the speaker grill is covered by the bumper piece. Some people have complained about the rubber bumper interfering with the speaker quality.  While there have been a few complaints about the sound, I personally have not noticed an issue.

The case provides a lip on the front so you won’t scratch the screen on a rough surface. The back of the case is also thick enough to protect the protruding camera lens.

The Naked Tough Case is very easy to take on and to take off. Which leads me to my only issue with the case: it gets dirty. Grime, pocket lint, specks of dirt, and everything in between easily gets stuck inside this case. I take off my case just to clean it about twice a week. While it isn’t a deal breaker, I’d rather spend my time using my phone rather than cleaning it.

Despite one small issue, this has been one of my favorite cases to date. It shows off the iPhone 6 and provides ample protection for the front, back, and corners. If you don’t mind cleaning your case every once in a while, I highly recommend theCase-Mate Naked Tough Case .

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