This Ultra-Rugged Lightning Cable Features Zinc Heads and a Steel Exoskeleton That Won’t Fray

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Bottom Line: With zinc alloy heads and a stainless steel exoskeleton, the Curve Lightning cable from Plugies delivers not only 2.4 amps of quick-charging power, but also great strength and flexibility.

No matter how hard you try, your Apple-branded Lightning cable is going to break. Sometimes the cable will fray from repeated plugging and unplugging. Other times, it will simply stop charging for any number of reasons.

But, if you’re tired of dealing with finicky cables that fail when you need them the most, you should invest in a rugged Lightning cable like this stainless steel zinc alloy cable from Plugies.

The Plugies Curve cable is made to last. It boasts an anodized stainless steel exoskeleton that is wrapped like a coil around the cable.

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This steel sheath allows the cable to flex and bend without breaking or damaging the delicate wiring inside.

At the end of the cable is a zinc alloy head that provides ample grip and won’t break like the plastic heads found on Apple’s (and most third-party) Lightning cables.

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PLUGiESâ„¢ CURVES: Stainless Steel Zinc Alloy Cable

  • Zinc alloy heads with anodized stainless steel exoskeleton protects the cable from fraying, breaking.
  • Coiled steel around the cable provides added durability.
  • 2.4A rated suitable for fast-charging your Apple devices.
  • Glossy charcoal finish.
  • Length: 3.3ft (1m)
  • Manufacturer 1-year warranty

Not only is it rugged, but the Plugies Curve also excels at charging.

It’s rated for 2.4 amps allowing it to fast charge your iPhone or iPad. And at 3.3 feet, it’s plenty long enough to use at home or in your car.

Available in a charcoal color with a glossy finish, it also looks as good as it performs.

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The Plugies Curves will set you back $20, but the higher price tag is worth the hassle-free experience you’ll have with this high-quality iOS cable.

If you do experience any problems, the cable is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty. Get it here.

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