My Life with the iPad Pro: Final Verdict, It’s Awesome

My Life with the iPad Pro
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If you’ve read my previous review of the iPad Pro, then you might’ve caught a little glimpse of “my story,” and, perhaps more specifically, about my recent acquisition of Apple’s new 12.9-inch slab of love, and how I plan to traverse the globe with it as my primary device.

But that thing is humongous! you might be thinking. Why on Earth would you voluntarily opt to haul one of those around all day? Well, crazy as it may seem, ladies and gents — for me, personally, it’s almost always come down to a matter of bigger is better. And this is a sentiment that holds true even here, because the iPad Pro is truly a remarkable device, and a big step up even coming from the Air 2, as I am.

iPad Pro A9X X-Ray Reveals Why It's so Incredibly PowerfulI’ve been carrying the iPad Pro around with me for about 10 days now. I haven’t yet been able to get my hands on an Apple Pencil, unfortunately, but I’m still waiting to give that a try. However, thus far, day-to-day use and transport has been an absolute breeze.

Oh yeah, and, just in case you were still wondering why I’m taking the Pro with me everywhere I go, I should probably mention that I’m deaf due to circumstances beyond my control. So the iPad Pro, in a sense, acts as my ears in day-to-day life.

I’ve installed the Dragon Dictate app by Nuance Communications, and so far I haven’t been missing a beat with the iPad Pro. Everyone who I come in contact with has been instantly captivated, not just by the iPad Pro’s easily intimidating size, but also because of the devices quick processing of tasks, such as rendering VTT using the iPhone version of Dragon Dictate on the iPad Pro.

iDrop_iPadFollowup_03I also managed to get one of the great reps over at CaptionCall come out and install their app on my device, which I can now use over LTE or Wi-Fi as a fully functional telephone — with unlimited minutes, voicemail, and my own number to boot.


Further thoughts about the iPad Pro

When I first tossed around the idea of upgrading to the iPad Pro from my 3-month-old iPad Air 2, simply put, most people thought I was insane. But it’s almost the same exact thing! They’d rationalize. Why even bother going through the hassle?

And they definitely had a point there. Why even bother going through the hassle — it’s the same device, in a conceptual sense, capable of doing pretty much the same things I was previously able to do on the smaller iPad, right? It’s not exactly a quote unquote, “laptop replacement,” now, is it?

Well, in my defense, I wasn’t expecting a “laptop replacement” when I upgraded to iPad Pro — I was merely anticipating a bigger, perhaps more powerful iPad that I could take around with me — somehow, someway — like the 4 or 5 other, smaller iPad models that preceded it over the years. And what I got in the end is actually a whole lot more than I ever thought possible.

The iPad Pro delivers a major punch when it comes to raw processing. And if you’re not exactly a power user, such as myself — someone who generally tends to stick to basic, productivity software titles, and generic games — then it probably doesn’t even matter, anyways. But, for whatever it’s worth, the iPad Pro could theoretically be considered a viable laptop competitor, going head-to-head among the low end PC netbooks and ULV PCs on the market today.

It’s a very capable, very powerful device; a processing powerhouse, fully capable of handling most applications like the Microsoft suite of apps, Adobe’s creative apps, and even iMovie, in all its 4K editing glory. But it is still an iPad, either way you slice it, and therefore, it’s still limited when it comes to performing some tasks.

However, all that it can do (which is a lot!) it does very well! I’m certainly not disappointed in the slightest capacity — I think iPad Pro not only delivers on its promises, but it will eventually carve out a niche all its own, of customers who want more for less, to have more and carry less, and to do more in the simplest way possible.

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