Which Unique iPhone Charging Cable Fits Your Lifestyle Best?

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iPhone charging cables are available in countless shapes and sizes with varying features and unique characteristics to suit your lifestyle. Need an extra long charging cable? Or an ultra-tough cable? Or maybe a hassle-free MagSafe-esque cable?

All of those unique and useful varieties of charging cables are available for purchase right now. But which one is right for you?

Here we’ll take a closer look at four interesting Lightning cables to find out who they’re best for, if they live up to the hype, and ultimately if you should spend your hard-earned money on them.

This cable comparison contains photos, unique characteristics, length, quantity, and price for your discernment. Continue reading to learn which type of cable fits your lifestyle best.

4 Nomad Adventure Proof Rugged Cable

For some users, Apple’s standard cables just don’t hold up to wear and tear as much as they’d like. ‘Fraying’ means torn rubber and exposed electrical wires, which typically occurs at the base of the Lightning connector. It’s not only unsightly, but could also be dangerous. For iPhone users who experience fraying, purchasing a tougher cable would be a smart investment. Not only is it safer, but it’ll save money in the long run.

The Nomad Adventure Proof Rugged Cable features Fast Charging capabilities, a 4X polyamide core, 2X RF shield, a thick moisture barrier, and a flexible outer PE jacket. Even better yet, the cable features dust caps on both ends to keep out sand, particles, and most other nuisances.

Nomad claims the cables are engineered to meet military standards and have endured a 10,000 ‘flex’ test, which ensures its durability. If the cable doesn’t live up to Nomad’s promises, the company offers an industry leading 5 year guarantee and a personal support email address to voice your concerns. The cable certainly feels rugged and will suit the needs of anyone who regularly spends time outdoors. Get it here.

  • Unique Features: Military-grade durability. Dust caps. 5-year guarantee.
  • Cable Length: 5 Feet (1.5 Meters)
  • Cables Included: 1
  • Price: $29.95

3 mbeat ToughLink Cables (2-Pack)

mbeat’s ToughLink cables feature a surprisingly smooth metal braid casing to protect themselves from fraying. The metal braid’s texture also allows this particular cable to be tossed around and thrown in a bag, while magically never becoming tangled. Even after tying this cable in a knot, it unraveled pretty effortlessly, which is a frustration-reducing bonus.

These cables are relatively short in comparison to some of the competition, however they’ll reach farther than the cable included with your iPhone. These cables aren’t truly remarkable, however they are great for those who are sick and tired of tangled cables. Get them here.

  • Unique Features: Tangle-free. Durable.
  • Cable Length: 3.94 Feet (1.2 Meters)
  • Cables Included: 2
  • Price: $29.99

2 Armor-X Magnetic Cables (2-Pack)

Armor-X Magnetic cables are perfect for those with multiple (Apple and non-Apple) devices. They feature interchangeable Micro USB and Lightning connectors for less frustration searching for the “right” cord for your device. Not only that, the connectors are magnetic.

If you loved MagSafe MacBook charging connectors, you’re in for a treat with these charging cables. Simply leave the connector inside the Lightning port of your iPhone and voila, snap on the cable to charge, or snap off to disconnect. It couldn’t be simpler.

The outer casings of these cables are made of braided nylon and won’t be as durable as some of the other cables on this list. And while they’re also short (the same length as the standard iPhone charging cable) they’re still a step up in terms of convenience and wow-factor.

If you have rechargeable devices that use Micro USB and Lightning, or just miss the MagSafe connector from your old MacBook, you’ll want to check these cables out. Get them here.

  • Unique Features: Interchangeable connectors. ‘MagSafe-esque’ snap-and-charge functionality.
  • Cable Length: 3.3 Feet (1 Meter)
  • Cables Included: 2
  • Price: $19.99

1 Extra Long Lightning Cable (3-Pack)

These Lightning cables look and feel nearly identical to the charging cable that comes bundled with your iPhone. You won’t be shocked at their familiar design, however you will be shocked at just how long these cables are.

At a monstrous 10 feet in length, these cables stretch longer than your wingspan. This is ideal for a bedroom where the nightstand is farther away from an outlet than your standard cable is long. It’s also great for use in a vehicle in which the USB port is tucked away in a hard to reach spot. Virtually anywhere an outlet or USB charging port isn’t close, this cable is going to make life easier.

Even better yet, these come bundled in a pack of three (in my case five). Meaning you can actually keep one on your nightstand, the second in your car, and the third at your desk. These cables are perfect for the average user who never seems to be close enough to an electrical outlet. Get them here.

  • Unique Features: Incredibly long. Affordable.
  • Cable Length: 10 Feet (3 Meters)
  • Cables Included: 3
  • Price: $28.99

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