Exclusive Video Review: macOS Sierra Beta

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Apple will be taking the wraps off of the newest macOS software before you know it. We want to make sure you know what to expect, so in this video we’ll be walking through the highlight features of macOS Sierra.

1. Siri for Mac

To say Mac users have been waiting a while for Apple’s digital assistant to arrive is an understatement. Apple has finally delivered in macOS Sierra. Without a doubt, the highlight feature in the Mac’s newest software update is Siri.

2. Photos

iOS has significantly improved the Photos app and it’s a relief to see the same updates coming to macOS. If you’re anything like I am, you have tons of old photos you still haven’t done anything with. The updated Photos app has lots of new features to help you get more organized with your photos.

3. iCloud Drive

Since its debut a few years ago, iCloud Drive has come a long way and the service is really starting to take shape in macOS Sierra. Apple has added one of the most useful and innovative updates to iCloud Drive ever in macOS Sierra.

There are many more features heading to macOS Sierra, so watch our full review for everything you need to know about macOS Sierra.

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