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Bottom Line: Babbel doesn't just have you memorize and repeat a bunch of words, but actually helps you make sense of the language by teaching you how it all fits together, and how you'd actually use it in the real world.

If you’re eager to see the world, the time is now to start learning the “lingua franca” of all the exciting places you’d like to go. There’s no better tool for the job than Babbel, an online program and app that will help you learn any one of 14 new languages without leaving your house. This way, you can get up to speed while you’re still hunkering down at home and be ready to travel as soon as the flights to those exotic destinations become available.

Developed by over 150 expert linguists, Babbel covers all the conversational skills you’ll need to feel at home while traveling abroad, whether you’re going to France, Italy, Spain, or even Russia. This includes things like asking for directions, finding good eats, knowing the best places to shop, and so much more.

While the company promises that you only need to spend 10 minutes a day in the app to get a grasp of the language, the self-paced lessons let you keep going as far and fast as you like. Babbel says that most users will be able to have a short and simple conversation in their new language after only five hours of learning.

What Makes Babbel Special?

Unlike other competing apps, which often spend more time on vocabulary and grammar, Babbel focuses on taking you into practical, everyday conversations right away.

Babbel doesn’t just have you memorize and repeat a bunch of words, but actually helps you make sense of the language by teaching you how it all fits together, and how you’d actually use it in the real world.

You’ll start with the most common short phrases needed to communicate in your chosen language, and then once you’ve nailed those down, you’ll get to practice using them in sample conversations, just as if you were talking to a native speaker.

Personalized review sessions cater to your learning focus and pace, letting the app spend more time guiding you through phrases and other areas that you may be having more difficulty with, while also ensuring that you don’t forget everything else you’ve learned.

Babbel Works Anywhere and Everywhere

The app-based lessons are also available entirely offline, so you don’t need an internet connection to learn. Download a few lessons before heading to the airport, and you’ll be able to brush up on your lessons and review phrases and dialogue while you’re jetting off to your destination.

The bite-sized lessons only take about 10 minutes each, and there’s no set schedule, so you can run through them at your own pace. Burn through a dozen on a rainy Saturday, or run through a quick one on your commute to work. It’s entirely up to you.

The offline lessons even include audio, so you can hear and practice pronunciations, and the vocal tutors speak fluently, naturally, and slowly enough to help you learn comfortably.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like any other highly rated language learning app, Babbel requires a subscription that iDrop News readers who act now can get lifetime access to for a whopping 54% OFF. This gives you lifetime access to all 14 languages – and with over 60,000 individual lessons that include 10,000 hours of instruction, you may never run out of new learning materials.

Multiple skill levels from Newcomer to Advanced also let you keep coming back for more even after you’ve mastered the basics. Babbel even offers handy refresher courses to get you back up to speed if you’ve been away for a while. Get 54% off.

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