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Wacky New Keyboard by EmojiWorks Makes Using Emojis Easier than Ever

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It goes without saying that the inclusion of those friendly little emoticons — also known as Emojis — have made our communication between friends and family so much more expressive, fun, and intuitive.

Although it can, on occasion, be a time consuming pain in the butt to swipe through pages upon pages of those colorful little critters just to find the one you’re looking for, right?


Well, stress no more, as we introduce to you today the first-of-its-kind emoji-centric keyboard.

Designed by the company EmojiWorks, the self-named keyboard features a broad assortment of the most popular and commonly used emoticons, one or several of which are assigned to each of the pre-existing QWERTY keys. This makes it easier than ever before to access your favorites at the simple push of a button.

Moreover, the EmojiWorks keyboard works with several different platforms, as well — connecting seamlessly via Bluetooth technology to either Windows PC, Mac, or iOS devices.

Powered by two-AAA batteries, the EmojiWorks keyboard offers the same array of function controls that you’d find on Apple’s traditional wireless keyboard — including screen brightness, volume, and media controls, in addition to a dedicated “home” button — making the peripheral an ideal companion for Mac and iOS devices, specifically.

The keyboard is available to pre-order in three varieties. The standard “Emoji Keyboard,” which is outfitted with 47 of the most commonly used emojis — including many of the faces, some hand signals, love hearts, and more — is available for $79.95.

For just $10 more, however, you can get the “Emoji Keyboard Plus,” which boasts two emojis on each key rather than one. And for the true, die-hard emoji lovers among us, there’s also the “Emoji Keyboard Pro,” which features a whopping three emojis on each key for a total of 120, priced at $99.95. The emoji pro variant offers almost every icon you could access in iOS 9.1, including many of the recently introduced faces and foods — such as the taco, burrito, middle finger, the levitating businessman, the “nerd face,” and more.

You can even pre-order any of the EmojiWorks Keyboards now, directly from the company’s website, and orders will begin shipping in December.

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