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The Best iPhone 6 Case For Your Money

The Best iPhone 6 Case For Your Money
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Putting a case on a brand new iPhone 6 might feel a bit like heresy. When I bought mine, I was hesitant to take away from the iPhone’s beautiful, slim, and minimalist design. However, I was also haunted by past memories of dropping previous iPhones just weeks after I purchased them, dealing with cracks in my phone that spidered until it was rendered unusable. I decided to bite the bullet and try out a number of cases. After researching several of the internet’s most highly-recommended cases, I settled on one – the Incipio NGP.

There are quite a few wonderful iPhone cases on the market. A quick Amazon search will yield literally millions of results, ranging from $5 to $300, many with great reviews. Many of those cases offer great protection from drops and scrapes. Popular brand Otterbox offers a variety of cases in different styles and colors, each offering incredible protection for your phone. However, Otterbox cases add quite a bit of bulk to your phone, and (in my opinion) take quite a bit away from the iPhone’s aesthetic. There are a variety of minimalist/slim cases available, as well – many of which, unfortunately, fit the phone poorly or offer little to no protection. A great case should offer solid protection without adding too much bulk.

The Incipio NGP is the best case I’ve found that fits this description. The case fits perfectly and doesn’t add much size to the phone, but is substantial enough to protect it from everyday hazards. I’ve dropped my phone numerous times, and thanks to the NGP case, it has survived every one without a scratch. The case also features slightly raised edges around the screen to protect from scratches while laying face down. Accessing the headphone port and charging port remains easy, and pressing the volume and power buttons is no problem through the case, as well.

On top of all that, the case looks nice, as well. The NGP comes in a variety of colors – black, neon red, blue, pink, teal, and frost (white) – the latter five all slightly translucent (just enough to see the Apple logo on the back of the phone). There are no tacky designs or gaudy prints, just the Incipio logo etched in small print on the corner of the back of the case. The case is simple, elegant, and it functions as it’s supposed to. Add a reasonable price, and I think that’s about as much as you can ask for from a case, isn’t it?


The Incipio NGP case is available for a reasonable $20 on Incipio’s website, and can be found even cheaper on Amazon.

Check out a video review of the Incipio NGP below!

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