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Apple Watch Price Breakdown

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Earlier this week, Apple finally gave the public the low-down on their new smartwatch. However, if you missed the event, the pricing can seem a bit complicated and hard to find. Here we breakdown everything there is to know about the Apple Watch pricing

We knew when we heard “starting at $349” that the Apple Watch wasn’t going to be cheap. This was confirmed at Apple’s Spring Forward Event this week. Apple’s CEO unveiled how much each watch was going to be, along with the dates for release and pre-orders.

Sport Model

The entry level Apple-Watch called the Sport model comes with an aluminum case, lon-X glass over the display and a rubber like fluoroelastomer brand. This one cost:

  • $349 for 38mm size
  • $399 for the 42mm size

There are five colors, two sizes, and ten models to choose from. You can purchase just the Sport Band alone for $49. The colors are white, blue, green, and pink with a silver casing. You can also purchase an almost-all black version with a gray casing.

You also have the option to purchase the $349 Apple Watch with a gym-friendly fluoroelastomer Sport Band. This will cost you:

  • $549 for 38mm size
  • $599 for the 42mm size

The price is higher because it replaces aluminum with stainless steel and adds sapphire glass. Colors are limited to white and black bands, both models feature a silver stainless steel case.

Apple Watch Classic

The Apple Watch with a Classic Buckle has a stainless steel closure that is fairly simple, but doesn’t come cheap. This option costs:

  • $649 for the 38mm size
  • $699 for the 42mm size

This is due to the leather build and being milled in a famous tannery in the Netherlands. The Classic Buckle is sold through the Apple Store for $149. The only color option is black, making this a simple smartwatch option from end to end.

The Milanese Loop is a woven smooth stainless steel mesh with a magnetic infinitely adjustable clasp. This version of the smartwatch will cost you the same price as the Classic buckle, but with better style. You can also purchase the Milanese Loop for $149 separately.

The Leather Loop option for the Apple Watch was constructed in Italy but had magnets hidden in the leather loop. Apple charges:

$700 for the watch case and Leather Loop and is only available for the 42mm watch size. You can also purchase the leather loop separately for $149 in stone, light brown, bright blue, and black.

Apple Watch also comes with a modern buckle that has a top-grain leather band with a two piece magnetic closure that looks like one solid buckle. For $749 you can purchase the watch and band, however it only comes with a smaller 38mm stainless steel case. The band itself costs $249, making it the most expensive leather band available separately. These colors come in soft pink, midnight blue and black, and brown.

The Link Bracelet version of the Apple Watch is a lot pricier since it has more than 100 components in the band alone. This watch will set you back:

  • $949 for the 38mm size
  • $999 for the 42mm size

Apple claims it takes up to nine hours to cut the links for a single strap. The Link Bracelet comes in space gray stainless steel is:

  • $1049 for the 38mm size
  • $1099 for the 42mm size

The Link Bracelet on its own is $449 and comes in stainless steel and space black stainless steel, although currently only the normal stainless steel version is available as a separate band.

Apple Watch Edition

If you are seriously trying to splurge on a smartwatch, the Apple Watch Edition is the way to go. The Apple Watch Edition is made of 18-karat gold. It comes in eight different models. The cheapest of these are the:

  • $10,000 for the 38mm with a rose gold case and White Sport Band and the Yellow Black Sport Band
  • $12,000 for the 42mm with a rose gold case and White Sport Band and the Yellow Black Sport Band

The higher edition is priced at $15,000 for the 42mm yellow gold case with a Black Classic Buckle as well as yellow gold case with Midnight Blue Classic Buckle. There is no option for a smaller size. If you want something smaller, you need to opt for the Modern Buckle at that size. For $17,000 you can purchase the 18-karat rose gold case and rose-gray modern buckle, and the same case with bright red modern buckle.


The Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charger, but you can order a separate one in a 1m version for $29 or 2m version for $39. You also need an iPhone 5 or later in order for the watch to work, as well as iOS 8.2.

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