Your Kids Won’t Be Happy This Christmas without These Apple Devices Under the Tree

AirPods and iPhone 11 Pro Credit: Felipe Santana
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If there’s one thing teens are hoping to find in their Christmas stockings this year, it’s Apple’s AirPods.

Among Apple’s more sophisticated and flashy products like the iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch Series 5, it’s pretty easy to underestimate how popular Apple’s AirPods actually are, but in reality the company’s little high-tech earbuds are actually the second-fastest selling product in the entire history of Apple — second only to the iPhone.

Apple’s AirPods took the world by storm when they were released three years ago; a reliable set of “true wireless” earbuds that offered a previously unseen level of integration with Apple’s iPhone and other devices.

Apple couldn’t make the original AirPods fast enough, and what was interesting is that demand never slowed down. Unlike the iPhone, where you may have a hard time finding one on launch day, but can almost always pick up your model of choice a week or two later, Apple’s AirPods continued to be sold out months after their release; up to a year after Apple initially debuted them, it was still like winning the lottery to actually find them available in an Apple Store.

Even as users waited over two years for the second-generation AirPods to arrive, demand never slowed down, with the first-generation AirPods domination the market at the end of 2018, with 35 million units sold and a 75 percent global market share — something that was particularly surprising considering that most expected a new model to be just around the corner by that point.

So with all of that said, it’s probably no surprise that Apple’s AirPods have been near the top of people’s Christmas lists for a while — they ‘AirPods for Christmas’ became a hilarious social media meme last year — but this year Apple has actually beat out Nike as the number one brand on people’s Christmas lists, with AirPods taking the very top spot.

According to a new survey by research firm Piper Jaffray, as reported by CNBC, Apple was the “top-listed consumer brand for teens,” with AirPods tagged as the most desired product.

The surge in popularity of AirPods has no doubt been bolstered by Apple’s recent release of the AirPods Pro, which has resulted in a new marketing push, but of course Apple also released its second-generation AirPods earlier this year, which offer the new H1 chip that powers “Hey Siri” and other advanced features like Announce Messages with Siri, along with a wireless charging case option, so there are more options from users to choose from this year when it comes to AirPods.

The report on the survey results didn’t specifically mention AirPods Pro, but rather just “AirPods” in general, and Apple’s place as top brand also includes other Apple products that are on people’s lists —  undoubtedly others like the iPhone 11.

Nike and Louis Vuitton took second and third places, respectively, with the number of mentions of Nike actually tripling from last year’s survey. Other brands that prominently came up include Activision Blizzard, Crocs, Lowe’s, Boot Barn, and YETI. However, the results also suggest that Amazon could be the really big winner, since this year it looks like consumers are expected to make 46 percent of their purchases online, rather than visiting traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores.

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