Your iPhone Can Silence Robocallers Automatically in iOS 13 – Here’s How

Ios 13 Iphone Xs Credit: 9to5Mac
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One thing literally every American with a working telephone can agree on is the fact that scam, spam, and robocalls are annoying, dangerous and must be stopped. Fortunately, the problem is being attacked from many different angles.

The FCC, third-party companies, and Apple are all working on solutions to combat robocallers. Most recently, Apple has included a new feature in iOS 13 that will silence spammers and ignore them for you automatically.

While this feature doesn’t fix the source of the problem, it’ll give you some much-needed peace and quiet (albeit maybe a few more voicemails).

With Silence Unknown Callers turned on, callers who aren’t listed in your contacts will be sent to voicemail, and your phone won’t ring.

As you can imagine, this might not be the greatest feature in case of emergencies. Imagine receiving a call from a hospital, or from a family member who needed to borrow someone’s phone to contact you. Even a phone call from your bank could be silenced.

But where desperate times call for desperate measures, using Silence Unknown Callers might be the way to go. Here’s how to turn it on.

How to Silence Unknown Callers in iOS 13

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone running iOS 13.
  2. Scroll down and tap Phone.
  3. Toggle the Silence Unknown Callers switch to the green position (ON).

Like we mentioned previously, this feature might not be suitable for those who hope to be contacted immediately in emergency situations. So be sure to update your voicemail greeting to encourage real callers to leave a message. Also, be sure to check your voicemails frequently.

If Silence Unknown Callers doesn’t seem to be the right feature for you, try a third-party option for your iPhone like Call Control to help fight robocallers and spammers before iOS 13 launches in the fall.

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