Your iPhone 6 Can Play 4K Video


Developers of the Mac video uploading app WALTR (which uploads nearly any video format to iOS devices without having to convert them) made an incredible discovery – the new A8 processors found in recent Apple devices is so powerful, it offers playback of 4K video.

While testing the WALTR app, Softorino developers found that the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2 were capable of playing 4K videos right out of the box. While this is a very impressive feat of mobile hardware, it isn’t a very useful feature just yet. Not only is there a serious lack of 4K content currently available, but the file sizes are very large – far too large to be stored on a mobile device. Also important to note is that while 4K playback is possible on these devices, the resolutions (1330×750 for the iPhone 6, 1920×1080 for the 6 Plus, and 2048×1536 for the iPad Air 2) simply aren’t capable of replicating the output of a true 4K display. Although this technology isn’t quite useful at the moment, it points to an exciting future for Apple devices. With the recent launch of the new iMac with 5K Retina display, it is clear that Apple is serious about the future of high-definition content. Perhaps a new Apple TV with the A8 processor is due for us in the future?