You Can Now Upgrade Select Hyundai Models with Apple’s CarPlay for Free

You Can Now Upgrade Select Hyundai Models with Apple's CarPlay for Free
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Apple’s CarPlay is arriving slowly on more and more cars as many automakers are still deciding if and when to implement the iOS software. Ford, for example, has guaranteed to include CarPlay with all of their 2017 models, but those with older cars will have to go without. Hyundai has decided it’s feasible to upgrade some of their older cars to use CarPlay.

Roger Fingas from AppleInsider writes the company has made Apple CarPlay available for “2015 and 2016 models of the Azera, as well as 2016 versions of the Veloster and Sonata Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid.” It’s a move that will make a lot of Hyundai drivers happy. Not all older cars can get an upgrade to CarPlay due to hardware limitations, which would be too costly to replace. However, when automakers can offer a simple software update, it’s fitting to make it available to their customers.

Those who are lucky enough to have an upgradeable Hyundai can visit their owner portal to find the instructions for the upgrade or they can pay their local dealer to do it, says Fingas, and there are videos and instructions there that detail how to upgrade the cars. A number of other Hyundai cars have already had the upgrade, Fingas writes, “including the Genesis, Tuscon, Elantra GT, and other Sonata models.” New 2017 Hyundai models will come with CarPlay so long as they have the right dash interface, he adds.

MacRumors writer Juli Clover writes that the upgrade will take about 25 minutes to download or up to 3 hours if the navigation map needs to be updated. Drivers are encouraged to update their cars themselves, by using a SD card. It may also be possible to use a USB memory stick if the car has USB ports.

This is good news for iPhone users and for Apple as CarPlay is becoming more readily available for drivers. App integration in cars is the next step in auto-innovation. Apple may be on the forefront of this development.

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