You Can Finally Give Disney+ as a Present (Here’s How to Do It)

How to Send Disney Plus as a Gift1 Credit: Disney
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Signing up a friend or family member for Disney+ can be tricky –– the surprise would normally be spoiled as soon as you decide to input the recipient’s email address. To fix this issue, Disney recently launched a special new page that makes gifting a year of Disney+ a quick and seamless experience. 

Give Disney+ Here

The ease of giving Disney+ is not the only benefit. You can even schedule the delivery date for the Disney+ gift, which will arrive in the user’s mailbox with a custom message of your choice.

The price point is also favorable. At $69.99 per year, your monthly obligation translates to $5.83/mo, effectively saving you 16% compared to the $6.99/mo subscription. Follow this link to see the Disney+ gifting page.

How to Give Disney+ as a Gift

If you decide Disney+ is a good present for a loved one in your life (which it certainly can be), you’ll be required to complete these four simple steps:

  1. Enter your information on the gifting page.
  2. Enter the recipient’s information, choose the delivery date and write your custom message.
  3. Input your payment info with a credit card.
  4. Confirm the order, and you’re set!

Below you can find screenshots of all four pages that you’ll be required to complete. It’s quite easy, and by our estimation, it will take you less than two minutes.

Give Disney+ Here

Our Recommendation: Schedule the gift’s email delivery date with your personalized message for 12/25. Happy Holidays! 

Go to Disney+ Gift Page

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