Xbox App Finally Allows You to ‘Remote Play’ on Your iPhone or iPad

Playing Xbox on iPhone Credit: Uncle Jessy / YouTube
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Microsoft updated its Xbox app, adding a new Remote Play feature that is able to circumvent Apple’s ban on remote game streaming services. The new and improved app lets Xbox owners stream their games to an iPhone or iPad.

The Remote Play feature lets Xbox owners stream games directly from their Xbox One console, similar to Sony’s PS4 Remote Play functionality.

Microsoft’s new service is compatible only with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games. It will not work with the Xbox 360 or original Xbox games.

This streaming feature is different from xCloud, which streams games directly from Microsoft’s services rather than the owner’s Xbox console.

Microsoft and Apple have been battling over the Redmond giant’s attempt to bring its xCloud game streaming service to the iOS ecosystem. Apple banned the gaming service, saying it cannot evaluate every game on xCloud to ensure it meets Apple’s standards. Microsoft blasted Apple for this policy, questioning why it allows apps like Spotify and Netflix, but bans games.

The updated Xbox app also adds the ability to connect to an Xbox console via a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, even over 5G if available.

Users can control their household Xbox as well as manage console storage space and delete games.

Those who create game clips and screenshots on the new Xbox Series X or Series S consoles can use the app to download and share their game clips and screenshots.

The new Xbox app brings a refreshed user interface design that matches the latest Xbox console’s look and feel.

Microsoft is getting its app and ecosystem ready to launch the new Xbox Series X/S consoles, which are coming next month. Sales of the two consoles are expected to begin on November 10.

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