Woman Struck by Lightning Says Rubber iPhone Case Saved Her Life

Woman Struck By Lightning Saved By Iphone Case Credit: SWNS
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A Scottish woman was struck by lightning while filming a thunderstorm — and she’s attributing her survival to her iPhone case.

Tracey Kutluol, 42, captured the terrifying incident on video. The mother of two was filming a passing storm from her living room window in Galashiels, Scotland, The Independent reported.

Kutluol, who was with her two children at the time, went to open her window to get a better view of the storm. She joked that she was “going to get electrocuted.”

In the video, later published by The Daily Mail, you can see the exact moment that a lightning bolt struck the woman’s iPhone 7 Plus. A loud bang is heard, and amid screaming, Kutluol can be heard saying that she had just been struck by lightning.

“I was trying to film how dark it was and hoping for a little lightning that I could capture but I did not anticipate that it would hit me,” she told SWNS.

She later said that it felt like an electric shock ran up her left arm, leaving her with “extreme pins and needles” even days later. But she was otherwise unharmed.

Kutluol said it was the rubber case on her iPhone, a Supreme-branded accessory with a collapsible “Pop Socket” grip attached, that saved her life. Amazingly, the case was delivered to her and put on her phone just hours before the incident.

“The lightning hit the pop socket on my phone and if I am being honest, that saved my life. Otherwise my phone would have probably exploded,” she told SWNS.

The woman went on to say that she’ll never forget the incident and that she wants to raise awareness for anyone planning on filming lightning. “Don’t do it, don’t be a numpty like me,” she said.

But Kutluol is incredibly thankful to the eBay seller from whom she purchased the case. She messaged the seller, thanking and telling him that the case had saved her life — and adding that she’ll probably buy a new pink version of the accessory from him.

“At first, my children thought my case looked funny but I bet they are happy with it now,” Kutluol said.

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