Why Your iPhone XS’ Battery Life Will Actually Improve Over Time

Iphone Xs Battery Life Credit: Manchikoni
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While the reviews for Apple’s iPhone XS have been positive, one of the continued concerns is how much better its battery life will actually be. Unfortunately, a handful of real-life battery tests have asserted that the battery life on the iPhone XS is not what Apple claims it to be.

Even though the general consensus has been that the iPhone XS’ battery is somewhat disappointing, there might be several factors that users are overlooking, which point to the fact that the iPhone XS’ battery life can actually improve over time. How is that possible you ask?

Let’s begin with the actions affecting your iPhone’s battery life in the very beginning.

When you first get the new iPhone XS out of the packaging and turn it on, you’ll immediately begin setting up your accounts such as Apple Pay, email, Face ID and more.

After all of that, you’ll begin re-downloading and reinstalling apps. This means that you are running a lot of background processes to get the new phone set up, and this puts quite the obvious strain on battery life.

Similarly, when you begin to restore all of your content from your old iPhone to the new iPhone, it takes a toll on the battery as well. What most people fail to realize is that your iPhone is downloading gigabytes and gigabytes of photos and videos from iCloud in the background, which will drain your battery rather quickly.

Add to the fact that most people will continue using the iPhone, browsing the Internet or social media apps, simultaneously while restoring their photos and videos from iCloud. At that point, users are doubling the amount of “damage” that their iPhone XS’ battery is taking.

The biggest overlooked factor however, that most people don’t talk about, is the novelty of getting a new iPhone.

When you first purchase a new iPhone XS, you best believe that you will be using it 24/7. That goes for every smartphone for that matter (you don’t need a professional study to tell you that people use their devices more when they are brand new).

The excitement of a new device, new features and more, leads to significant usage and again, that increased usage leads to faster battery drain.

Put these three things together and you begin to see a trend of intense background activity and over-usage that dramatically affects battery life early on.

To put it in simpler terms, everything mentioned above kills your battery. Once you are done downloading all your favorite apps, have finally restored your photos and videos from iCloud, tried all of the phone’s new features, and when the initial novelty wears off, the life of your battery WILL begin to increase naturally.

For iPhone XS or XS Max owners who currently think their new iPhone’s battery life is disappointing we have some simple advice: Give it time and give your iPhone XS a rest, because you will notice a difference. You can also follow these tips to help improve your battery life.

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