Why You Should Buy Apple Stock Now

iPhone 12 Concept Credit: EverythingApplePro
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We may be in the middle of a pandemic with a global financial crisis, but that doesn’t stop people from investing in the stock market. Want to put some of your cold, hard cash into Apple stock, but not sure when you should invest? According to Evercore ISI analyst Amit Daryanani, the time to buy is now – right before Apple unveils its new iPhone 12 and Apple Glass, its mixed-reality smart glasses.

In a research note released this week, Daryanani looked at the history of Apple’s stock to support his claim that this is the time to buy.

“In past launches, the greatest average outperformance has come during the 180 day period leading to the launch. The 90 day period prior to the launch has also generated solid outperformance with lower volatility than the 180 day period. The 30- and 90-day periods following a launch have underperformed on average, although the dispersion of results here is far wider than in the periods prior to the launch.”

Evercore ISI analyst Amit Daryanani

In other words, history shows that investing in Apple stock right before a new product launch is a sound financial move. If everything goes as planned next month. Apple’s stock prices likely will climb after it.

Each iPhone launch is exciting, but this year, the iPhone 12 will be something special. Not only is the iPhone 12 rumored to be equipped with one of the fastest mobile processors Apple has made, but it also will sport 5G connectivity.

Everyone expected Apple to bundle 5G into the iPhone 11 last year, but that feature never materialized. People were disappointed that the iPhone 11 only had 4G LTE and have been clamoring for 5G connectivity in an iPhone ever since. The push for 5G intensified when Samsung started offering 5G in its Galaxy line of smartphones. Now that 5G is rolling out at all three major wireless US carriers, Apple needs to bring 5G to the iPhone to capitalize on this growing market.

The iPhone 12 isn’t the only exciting product Apple has up its sleeve. The company is rumored to unveil other goodies like its mixed reality smart glasses and the new Apple Watch Series 6.

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