Why the iPad mini 6 Is Finally an Ideal Handheld Tablet

iPad mini 6 2021 Credit: Apple
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One of Apple’s most exciting announcements during the Fall 2021 Keynote event was the long-awaited iPad Mini 6, an updated model that has received seriously impressive upgrades in every way. In fact, it may be the best iPad of this generation and a perfect pick for those who have been waiting for the right handheld tablet. Let’s take a look at Why the Apple Mini 6 Is Finally an Ideal Handheld Tablet.

It Actually Is a Handheld

One of the most useful things about tablets – in theory – is that you can carry them around and use them while on the go. But, unfortunately, iPads have always struggled with this. The iPad Pro is, of course, too large to be casually carried around, and holding it one-handed is mostly out of the question.

You can use the iPad and iPad Air on the go, but they are still a little clunky to do so, and there’s always the danger of slipping and dropping them. On the other hand, the iPad Mini is an ideal handheld size for anything from reading a book to making a quick sketch. The only problem with the iPad Mini 5 was it was starting to get old and lose the race to updated features.

Now that the Mini has undergone a complete redesign and has updated features, those looking for a handheld tablet they can actually hold in their hands can have the best of both worlds.

The Updates Make It the Best Mini Ever

The iPad Mini 6 updates make it much better than ever before. The new A15 Bionic chip is powerful, while storage and RAM are equal to the latest iPads. Pixels are higher than the iPad Air 4, and the Liquid Retina display has finally made it to the Mini. Wi-Fi 6 compatibility has also arrived, as has support for 5G. In other words, it’s better than the Mini has ever been and ready for years of reliable use.

The Edge-to-Edge Design Is a Perfect Fit for the Mini 6

Another big change that has arrived on the 2021 iPad Mini is the all-screen display, another way of saying that the Home button/Touch ID sensor is no more. Instead, Apple has moved the Touch ID sensor to the power button side. This design choice sometimes proved inconvenient for larger iPads, especially if you were trying to hold them and type or sign in simultaneously. However, those potential issues don’t exist for the iPad Mini, making the all-screen display an excellent decision.

It’s Finally USB-C

Don’t worry about juggling Lightning cables any more. USB-C power and data transfer have made their debut on the iPad Mini. This is a great quality of life improvement that makes it easier to use the iPad Mini while opening the door for a wide variety of USB-C hubs and other accessories that will make it more usable than ever. It wasn’t certain that Apple would bring USB-C to the Mini, but the Mini 6 got it even before the new 2021 iPad, which is a good reason to consider switching for those happy with a smaller tablet.  

The Mini 6 Is Made for the Apple Pencil 2

This iPad Mini is also the first version made to work with the Apple Pencil 2 (the previous Mini 5 is only compatible with the Pencil 1). In addition, it includes Apple’s useful built-in magnetic attachment on the side for holding and charging the Pencil 2 when not in use. Basically, if you want an iPad that’s ready to support quick sketches and annotation, the Mini 6 is very promising.

It Has Great Value for Cost

Let’s talk about costs:

  • The latest iPad Pro starts at $799.
  • The latest iPad starts at $329.
  • The iPad Mini 6 starts at $499.

Considering the upgrades compared to the standard iPad (USB-C, new stylus compatibility, etc.) and how much more mobile it is than the iPad Pro, that’s a pretty good deal if you are looking for a reliable handheld tablet!

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