Which M1 Mac Is the Best Choice for You?

Mac Lineup Credit: Apple
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Apple’s mission to switch from Intel-based Macs to its own Apple Silicon chip has pretty much been a total success.

There are now five different Mac computers powered with an Apple Silicon chip and even one iPad Pro. And the results show that Apple made the right choice. Macs are now faster, more powerful, and consume less energy. 

So if you’re thinking of getting a new M1 Mac, you’d be making a good decision. But, with so many options available and many more Apple Silicon Macs coming in the near future, which one should you get?

Let’s talk about all the Apple Silicon Macs available to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

MacBook Air – Perfect for Light Users

The MacBook Air is perfect for most regular consumers. Thanks to the M1 chip inside, you get a powerful MacBook that will handle all of your daily tasks without any problems. 

If you’re a student who only needs a computer to do their homework, surf the web, and do some light photo editing, this MacBook is perfect for you. Not only is it the most affordable MacBook, but it also comes with enough power to watch Netflix, do your homework, and FaceTime your friends at the same time without breaking a sweat. With that said, you should focus on your homework first. 

2020 MacBook Pro — An Entry-Level Champion

The second MacBook Apple released with the M1 chip was the 13-inch MacBook Pro back in 2020. And up until a few weeks ago, this was the most powerful MacBook on the market. 

This MacBook Pro is the best option if you can afford to spend some extra money. It does everything the M1 MacBook Air does but better, and it doesn’t cost $2,000 like the more expensive models.

This MacBook is perfect for people who do a lot of heavy editing or coding on the go. You can edit as many videos and pictures as you want without worrying about performance, and you’ll still have battery life left to fool around on your break. 

Sure, it’s not as “Pro” as the other MacBook Pros when it comes to power, but this MacBook is still the perfect choice for most people, and it’s the most affordable Pro model too. 

Mac mini — The Best of Both Worlds

The Mac mini is the most affordable Mac computer you can get right now, but don’t let that fool you. It can also be one of the most powerful ones. 

If you’re looking for a powerful and light desktop computer that you can fit pretty much anywhere you want, the Mac mini is perfect for you. Not only is it the most affordable Mac starting at $699, but it also offers more connectivity than most MacBooks. 

Of course, the biggest downside of buying a Mac mini is that you only get the Mac mini. You’ll still have to buy a monitor, mouse, and keyboard by yourself. But if you know where to look, you can build a budget Mac mini setup and spend around $845. That’s a little over $150 cheaper than the M1 MacBook Air.

If you’re on a budget, but you still want a powerful Mac, then the Mac mini will give you the best of both worlds.

iMac — For The One Who Wants It All

The iMac was the newest M1 desktop to be announced by Apple, and it’s perfect for people who just want to plug it in and get to work. 

The iMac has everything you could want and more. It’s powerful, ultra-thin, and it’s got connectivity for everything you want to use with your Mac. Plus, it has amazing speakers that are perfect for watching movies or listening to music. 

If you’re a professional looking for a desktop Mac, and you don’t want to search for the best deals to set up a Mac mini, or you just want the best desktop Mac available, the iMac is your best choice right now.

14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros

The 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros are the latest models in the Apple Silicon lineup. They’re beautiful, incredibly fast, and powerful. But they’re also pretty expensive. 

These models aren’t for everyone. But if you’re a professional and a power user who demands the most out of a MacBook and you expect it to keep up, you already know either of these MacBooks is the best option for you.

Apple did something different with these MacBook Pros and included two different chips. You can choose between the M1 Pro and the M1 Max chips when buying your Mac. The most powerful chip is, without a doubt, the M1 Max chip, but the M1 Pro chip is still a great option that’s at a lower price. Although, you probably won’t mind an extra $500 to get the best of the best, considering the price point you’ll already be paying.

Is the M1 iPad Pro a Good Option?

There’s no doubt that Apple’s trying to make your next computer not a computer at all, and the 2021 iPad Pro is the perfect example.

Apple added the M1 chip to the iPad Pro this year and boosted its power to another level. Still, using an iPad Pro as a computer replacement might not be for everyone. However, many people whose jobs are related to video and photo editing say they love using their iPads as a complete laptop replacement.

Thanks to the Magic Keyboard and iPadOS 15, you can type on a keyboard and use a mouse as you would with a regular computer. Still, it’s not quite the same as a computer. Not yet, at least. 

Light users who are considering getting the MacBook Air might want to consider the iPad Pro too. It’s just as powerful — if not more — and you’ll have the advantage of a touch screen, keyboard, and mouse. 

Which M1 Mac Is the One For You?

Clearly, there’s no one-size-fits-all type of answer in this case. Every Mac has different qualities that make it the best choice for different people, whether that’s price, power, or portability. 

Still, it doesn’t matter which Mac you choose; the M1 chip makes these Macs some of the most powerful computers in the world, and you won’t regret buying any of them. 

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