What’s the Difference Between the Nike Apple Watch and the Regular Series 5?

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Last month, Apple launched its new Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch. But there’s actually a new Apple wearable coming this Friday too: Apple Watch Nike.

As you might expect, the Apple Watch Nike is an annual partnership between the Cupertino tech giant and the sportswear brand. But it isn’t just an Apple Watch with a Nike logo on it.

This year’s Apple Watch Nike is a Series 5 device, but there are also some unique features and accessories that you won’t find on other models this year.

Here are some of the similarities and differences between the two options.

What’s the Difference?

For one, the Apple Watch Nike comes with some exclusive band options. The Nike Sport Band, for example, has perforations for breathability when working out. The Nike Sport Loop band has reflective fabric woven in. And they both come in unique color options. And with Apple Watch Studio, you’ll also be able to mix-and-match various Nike bands with Nike case options.

As always, there are also some exclusive watch faces that you can’t get on other Series 5 models. Apple notes that the collection has been updated this year — and all of the faces have been optimized for the Series 5’s always-on display.

Those faces also feature special, built-in complications for launching the Nike Run Club app. All of this is to say that the Apple Watch Nike edition is perfect for dedicated Nike Run Club users, Nike fans or anyone who wants the Nike aesthetic on their wrist.

Apple Watch Series 5

While the Apple Watch Nike is a special edition of the company’s wearable, it’s still essentially an Apple Watch Series 5. That means it’ll come with all of the new features on the Series 5, too.

That includes, notably, the always-on display. With the new feature, you won’t have to raise your wrist to check the time, track your workout session, or just to show off the exclusive Nike watch face you’re using.

The Series 5 also sports a built-in compass with better navigation and positioning capabilities. That seems particularly well-suited for runners, hikers and other fitness enthusiasts.

It’ll also feature international emergency calling and all of the new abilities of watchOS 6.

It is worth noting that the Apple Watch Nike edition this year appears to be available only in aluminum cases — at least initially.

When Can I Get the Apple Watch Nike?

The Apple Watch Nike edition will launch this Friday, Oct. 4. Presumably, that’s when it’ll start showing up in-store and on doorsteps. But it is currently available to order from Apple’s website.

The GPS-only variant starts at $399 for the 40mm case option and $429 for the 44mm case. If you’d like to add cellular connectivity, it’ll cost you an additional $100.

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