FAQ | What Is the Nothing Phone 1?

It’s an interesting approach, borrowing from the general shape of iPhones but in a stripped-down style.
Nothing Phone 11 Credit: Nothing / Twitter
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If you’re a big fan of new phone technology, you may have already heard rumblings about something called the Nothing Phone 1. It’s an ambitious, somewhat tongue-in-cheek phone from a startup, targeted at those who want an ultra-flexible phone experience at mid-range prices. Here’s everything we know.

What’s the Nothing Phone 1 Supposed to Be?

It’s the first phone model from Nothing, a startup created by Carl Pei, who previously served as the OnePlus CEO. We don’t know a ton about it yet, but reports indicate that it will have a mid-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Nothing’s mission is to “make tech fun again” and the Nothing Phone looks like it’s trying to do a few new things in a minimalistic way.

What Is the Design Like?

Recent reveals about the Nothing Phone 1 have shown us a lot more about its design, headed by Adam Bates, known for his work as a former lead designer for Dyson.

It’s an interesting approach, taking notes from the general shape of recent iPhones but in a stripped-down style.

It also has a transparent cover that shows off some screws and wires, and will apparently come with stylish LED indicator lights. Showing off the components also allows us to see that the phone comes with wireless charging.

While the Nothing Phone evokes a modular design, we haven’t seen any signs that parts will be interchangeable or enable DIY repairs. We’re likely to get a lot more details in a month or so at the official reveal.

What OS Will It Come With?

It will use a modified Android operating system called Nothing OS, and as you might expect, it looks very, very clean. Nothing wants to make it easy to focus on the essentials, and the result is reminiscent of the Android OS used in Pixel phones. The OS showcase includes a built-in Google search bar, as well as a central widget that could be customized to show a variety of basic info – we’re not sure if more widgets can be added or not, but it would be unusual if that’s all you can have.

We do know that you can easily change wallpaper and styles to whatever sort of icons and general look you want. That includes choosing a new size of icons so you can make your most common icons huge if you want to

How Much Will It Cost?

We don’t know. As we mentioned, the processor looks like it’s going to be a mid-range model and the external components look fairly simple, so we’re guessing that it’s going to be a more affordable model. There have been some rumors that the phone would retail at around $1,200, but that sounds incredibly expensive for what we know so far, so there would have to be a lot of surprising information to get the price that high. Instead, we’re expecting the phone to be more affordable than today’s standard iPhone models.

When Can I Learn More?

The Nothing Phone 1 will get an official reveal on July 12th, 2022. This is the event that should reveal much more information, hopefully including a tentative release date and expected pricing information. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with the details.

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