Wealthy China Man Gifts Spoiled Pooch Eight iPhone 7 Smartphones

Wealthy China Man Gifts Spoiled Pooch Eight iPhone 7 Smartphones
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Having a hard time getting your hands on a brand-new iPhone 7? Perhaps you weren’t quick enough on the draw to pre-order your desired model before they sold out. You may have even camped outside of your local Apple Store for several days in hopes that you could purchase a jet-black iPhone 7, or any storage or color combination of an iPhone 7 Plus, only to find out that they had sold out entirely before the release date. Or perhaps the stiff price tag for a brand new iPhone just isn’t manageable with your current budget.

Well, Coco doesn’t have any of those problems. Who is Coco, you ask? Well, he’s a dog. More specifically, Coco is a dog that owns eight – yes, eight – iPhone 7 devices. Coco is owned by Wang Sicong, son of Wang Jialin, China’s largest real estate developer and the world’s largest movie theater operator, with a net worth of over $33 billion. A recent post on Coco’s Weibo account (a popular social media site in China, and yes, Coco has his own account) shows Coco proudly posing with his eight new devices, which cost Wang Sicong upwards up $7,655.

Wang Sicong has been dubbed as “The Nation’s Husband” due to his wealth and bachelor status. He has received criticism in the past due to his lavish spending habits and gratuitous purchases. In March of this year, Wang was criticized for one of his self-indulgent nights out on the town, where he racked up $385,000 in charges at a popular Karaoke bar in Beijing. In a more infamous incident, Wang purchased two Apple Watch Editions for Coco, worth approximately $37,000. Photos of Coco sporting the luxury Apple Watches were also posted on his official Weibo page.

While the incident may spark conversations regarding wealth inequality in China, or perhaps the frivolous purchases the offspring of billionaires are known to frequently make, two things are certainly made clear by the incident – Wang Sicong is quite arrogant, and Coco loves Apple devices.

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