Watch This: Apple Watch Successfully Runs Windows 95

Watch This: Apple Watch Successfully Runs Windows 95
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Initially, naysayers who doubted the Apple Watch’s future were wondering what functionality the smartwatch could bring to consumers. Since it’s release, there have been a number of unique functions performed via the device, and now, one YouTube user has found something else it can do: run Windows 95.

Nick Lee, skilled developer and the CTO of Tendigi mobile product design studio, figured out how to boot up the outdated software onto his Apple Watch. While not exactly fast or very responsive, it’s still impressive that the archaic OS can boot on the Apple Watch.

In his blog post, Lee detailed how the Apple Watch currently packs a ton of computing horsepower into such a small device…enough to even rival some of the computers in the Windows 95 days. “As a result, I was feeling confident that the Apple Watch had the ability to run one of the most revered desktop operating systems Redmond has ever produced,” he noted.

In order to get the OS onto the device, Lee had a to a bit of tinkering with WatchKit in order to load his own code versus Apple’s code, thus turning Windows 95 into an “app”. Then, Lee had to construct a crude device (think straw attached to a tiny motor) that would occasionally nudge to the Watch to keep it from going into sleep mode while Windows 95 loaded. But after an hour-long process, the aged OS booted and was (somewhat) functional. The cursor moves with your finger, but response time is unbearably slow and mostly jumpy. But while not entirely functional, it is a cool reboot nonetheless.

This isn’t Lee’s first dive into pushing old-fashioned operating systems onto new-age devices. Last year, he managed to load Mac OS 7.5.5 onto his Apple Watch.

Is it usable? Not really. Is it hilarious and actually kind of impressive? You bet.

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