Watch out iCloud, Google’s Bringing 15GB of Free Storage to iOS Users

Android Smartphone with iPhone Credit: Mr. Mikla / Shutterstock
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Last year, Google added automatic backups to Google One for all Android owners. This week, the company announced it is rolling out this backup solution to iOS owners as well.

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, these backups will cost you nothing. You won’t even need to pay extra for a Google One subscription unless you need the additional storage space.

This backup service will use a new Google One app that is coming out soon for iOS. It’ll sync up to 15GB of photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events.

This 15GB allotment is free as part of your Google account and shared between the phone backup, Gmail, Google Drive, and Photos. Users who need extra space can pay for a Google One subscription. The membership plan includes 100GB of storage space for $2 per month. You also can share this space with up to five other family members.

Want to see how you are using your storage allotment? Google’s got you covered. The Google One App will include a storage manager so you can view and remove those files that are taking up the most space. You can already manage the storage on the web, but the new Google One app will allow you to keep track of your files using your phone.

Google One is attractive for iOS owners who already are entrenched in the Google ecosystem or want the extra storage space offered by Google.

Most iOS owners already use iCloud which is integrated into iOS and syncs across all Apple devices. Google will roll out this new and improved Google One for Android users this week in the Play Store. The iOS version reportedly will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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