Video: Here Are the Greatest New Features You Might’ve Missed in watchOS 3

Video: Here Are the Greatest New Features You Might've Missed in watchOS 3
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Many people share the opinion that Apple should have waited until the Apple Watch was a bit more mature before releasing the product. The original Apple Watch (preloaded with watchOS or watchOS 2) was often slow, half-baked, and frustrating at times to use. That said, Apple has rectified almost all of those wrongs with the new line of Apple Watches and the accompanying watchOS 3.

The video below dives into the greatest aspects of watchOS 3.

Hello Dock, Goodbye Glances and Friends

My absolute favorite change in watchOS 3 is the introduction of the Dock. Apple did away with the rarely used Friends section. The Dock basically operates like the app switcher on an iPhone, and it solves what was the most painful part of using the original Apple Watch, waiting for apps to load.

In the first two iterations of watchOS, some apps would load endlessly making the Watch unusable. An app which is added to the Dock will be saved in memory so it doesn’t have to completely reload when you access it again.

A Control Center, Just Like the iPhone

In watchOS 3, swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings up an iOS like Control Center. Most of the functionality is the same as well. Of course, the Watch has its own set of tricks like the option to ping your iPhone when you can’t find it.

New Watch Faces and Easy Switching

New watch faces are a part of every new watchOS release. In watchOS 3, there are two new Activity faces, the addition of Minnie Mouse, and a minimalistic face called Numerals.

New Complications Galore

Apple added new Complications in watchOS 3 for apps including Music, Workout, Reminders, Heart rate, Maps and Breathe. Also, you can now use the Weather Complication to show current temperature and current weather conditions in separate Complications on the same face, which is quite handy.

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