Verizon Increases Data Plan Prices Across the Board, Includes New Perks

Verizon Increases Data Plan Prices Across the Board, Includes New Perks
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Verizon is known as one of the most reliable and fastest wireless providers in the US, and according to a recent JD Power survey, its customers report the highest satisfaction rating out of any other mobile carrier. Those satisfied customers, however, may not be too pleased when they get their next Verizon bill – the company is planning to hike prices on all of their data plans. The good news? With the increased prices come increased data caps.

During a press conference today, Verizon announced they are looking to overhaul the structure of their data plans to compete with aggressively-priced plans from competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint. Verizon’s data plans will see a small bump in price, but also an increase in their data cap as well as several other new features.

The entry-level “S” plan, for example, will increase $5/month – from $30 to $35, but will also double its data cap from 1GB to 2GB. The “M” plan will also see a $5/month increase – from $45 to $50, with a data increase from 3GB to 4GB per month. The “L” plan sees a $10/month increase up to $70, with a data increase of 6GB to 8GB. The premium “XL” and “XXL” plans will also see a $10/month increase, from $80 to $90 and from $100 to $110 respectively, with an increase in data caps from 12GB to 16GB and 18GB to 24GB respectively.


On top of the increase in data caps, Verizon will finally allow “carryover data” on each plan, allowing unused data to rollover into subsequent months. AT&T and T-Mobile have included carryover data in their plans for quite some time now, and the feature has been popular among users.

Several other features are available on the new plans, as well. A new MyVerizon app allows users to toggle “Safety Mode”, which eliminates any data overages, but throttles speeds significantly to 128KB/sec once a user reaches their monthly data cap.

The feature is available to “XL” and “XXL” subscribers for free, or $5/month for users on “S”, “M”, or “L” plans. Unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico is available for free to “XL” or “XXL” subscribers as well, as is unlimited talk and text and the ability to access data plans while visiting those countries. Users on less premium plans, however, must pay $5/month for calling to Canada and Mexico, and a $2/day fee is applied for the ability to use talk, text, and data while in those countries, as well.

The restructured plans come in part to compete with newer plans on other carriers, but also due to the increase in data that smartphone users are consuming. According to USA Today, Verizon’s customers used about 2.7GB of data in the month of April 2016, almost triple that used only three months prior. With the increase in availability of streaming music, movies, and other types of media, many users are consuming data at a rate never seen before.

Users who are happy with their current plan aren’t required to change to any of the newly structured plans. However, those who would like to make a change to their plan can do so via the new MyVerizon app. The new service plans will be available starting July 7.

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