Users Love Everything About Their iPhone X – Except for This Key Feature

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When it boils down to key variables including physical aesthetics, speed, and the quality of technologies like Face ID and camera hardware, the majority of those who’ve taken the plunge are resoundingly satisfied with their iPhone X purchase so far..

There’s one thing they’re not so fond of however: Apple’s voice-driven personal assistant, Siri. That’s according to the results of a recent Techpinions study which surveyed the opinions of early iPhone X adopters.

In terms of overall customer satisfaction, Techpinions noted that a whopping 97% of early iPhone X adopters reported satisfaction with their device. But “while that number is impressive, what really stands out when you do customer satisfaction studies is the percentage who say they are very satisfied with the product,” the research firm noted.

“The higher the very satisfied responses, the better a product truly is.” 85% of iPhone X owners indicated they were very satisfied with the product, the firm noted.

Factors of Consideration

As noted in the chart below, Techpinions partnered with Creative Strategies to compile an examination of the most appealing iPhone X features.

Approximately 98% of early adopters reported satisfaction with the high-end flagship’s physical design and aesthetics, along with its speed (thanks to the zippy Apple-designed A11 Bionic CPU) and the overall quality of the handset’s camera hardware and pictures.

Iphone X Chart

Early adopters were also satisfied with with iPhone X’s 5.8-inch AMOLED Super Retina display, its swipe-based gesture interface, Apple’s bold new Face ID technology and battery life — but from there, considering factors like how the phone feels in hand without a case and portrait mode, Techpinions noted a slow but gradual decline in satisfaction.

Ultimately, but unsurprisingly, early adopters were the least satisfied by how Siri functions on the iPhone X — a factor that registered only 20% satisfaction in comparison to the second-highest factor, Portrait Selfies, which garnered a much higher 67% satisfaction rating among those surveyed.

While Siri is not a feature unique to the iPhone X, Techpinions notes it was included in their survey as it’s not only a “core feature of the iPhone” but also due to the “unique optimizations with on-device performance and machine learning that exist with Siri on iPhone X due to the new processor design,” referring to the A11 Bionic’s integrated Neural engine.

Still, it’s kind of sad considering the superior artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of Apple’s A11 CPU, that Siri simply wasn’t up to par for the majority of iPhone X adopters. But that’s not exactly surprising, especially seeing as how we’ve known for a while that Siri lags far behind her closest competition including voice-driven assistant platforms like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

Does Siri stand the chance of improving with time? Well, certainly — and Apple’s recent hiring of John Giannandrea, the former chief of Google’s AI and search projects, is proof that the company is getting more serious and aggressive in its attempts to bolster Siri and her capabilities to new levels.

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