United States’ Most Popular Emoji and Trends of 2019 Have Been Revealed

Most Popular Emoji Iphone Credit: TapSmart
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In celebration of World Emoji Day, Adobe on Wednesday released its annual 2019 Emoji Trend Report — giving us a glimpse at the current usage of emoji in the United States.

While the subject matter is, of course, pretty light, the report contains more statistics on emoji usage than you can shake a hockey stick emoji at. To get the data, Adobe surveyed 1,000 emoji users in the U.S. Let’s get into them.

  1. The most popular emoji was the laughing face with tears of joy 😂
  2. The heart came in second ❤️
  3. While the blowing kiss face ranked third 😘

Among dual-emoji usage, some top pairings were:

  • The heart eyes and blowing kiss face 😍😘
  • The laughing face with tears of joy and rolling on the floor laughing face 😂🤣
  • And the blowing kiss face and red heart 😘❤️

Here are some additional statistics about emoji usage in the U.S.

  1. Around 91% of emoji users said they use the characters to “lighten the “mood of conversations,” while 91% said they used them to “show support to people.”
  2. A majority of emoji users, 81%, said they believe other emoji users are “friendlier and more approachable.”
  3. Those surveyed said that the greatest benefits of emoji were the ability to “communicate across language barriers” and “instantly share thoughts and ideas.”

Interestingly, around 65% of emoji users said they were more comfortable expressing emotion through emoji than a phone call. This was especially true for Gen Zers (which, as Adobe notes, is now the largest population segment).

  • Women are most likely to use the crying face 😭, heart ❤️ and blowing kiss face emoji 😘
  • Men are most likely to use crying face 😭, smiling face 😁, and single teardrop face 😢

Emoji isn’t all fun and games, either. When it came to emoji usage at work, around 61% of those survey said they use emoji characters in a work context. Other work statistics include:

  1. 71% said emojis “positively impact likability.”
  2. 63% said emojis “impact credibility.”
  3. 74% said emojis “make positive news more sincere.”

Around 58% of those surveyed said they’re more likely to open an email from a brand that uses emoji, while 44% said they’re more likely to buy something advertised using emoji.

When it came to the number and types of emoji, about 56% of users said they wish there were more characters available. 78% said that emojis should “continue to strive for inclusivity” and 73% said they wish there were more customization options to reflect identity and appearance.

You can find the full Adobe Emoji Trend Report 2019 here.

Apple, for its part, also celebrated World Emoji Day with a sneak preview of some of the new characters that are coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year.

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