Two Roommates Were Shocked to See Their iPhones Mysteriously Calling Each Other – How Could This Happen?

Man Using an iPhone Credit: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock
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Everyone loves a good mystery, and here is an interesting one for you involving two iPhones that puzzlingly keep calling each other. On more than one occasion, the two phones called each other out of the blue. Neither person initiated the calls, they only received them at the same time. What happened exactly and how can this be explained? Read on to find out.

The Tale of the Two Phones

The tale of the two phones started in a classroom while Redditor jack2018g was sitting next to his roommate.

Suddenly in the middle of the class, jack2018g received a call from his roommate.

Assuming it was an accidental butt dial, jack2018g looked over at this roommate only to discover his roommate also was receiving a phone call at the same time. Surprisingly, the call was from his phone.

They were baffled at how they could be calling each other while receiving a phone call from each other. Nonetheless, they both answered and could talk to each other like they had called each other on a typical phone call.

The pair shrugged it off as a glitch and went about their business until it happened again a few minutes later.

This time, they both didn’t answer and let the call go to voicemail. One of the roommates didn’t receive a voicemail, while the other did have a 42-second voicemail that was only background noise and static.

How Could This Happen?

You might think one of the phones was hacked, but this is not likely. The two iPhones are owned by separate people and are not connected in any way, except the two iPhone owners are friends. Both owners have two-factor authentication enabled and the person who shared this story did not report any unusual login attempts, so there is little chance someone is hacking their phones.

Though puzzling, there is one very reasonable explanation for these unusual phone calls. They are not glitched or ghosted phone calls, but instead were prank calls. There are online services and mobile apps that will let you enter two phone numbers, and the service will call those two numbers as a prank.

Redditor stinkdog2008 describes how he was at dinner with a group of friends, and one of them pranked him with this simultaneous phone call. He was bewildered until his friend started laughing and confessed how he did it.

Other Explanations

The Reddit thread is filled with ideas on how this simultaneous phone could have occurred. The theories range from an unknown glitch to an issue with AirDrop. It’s also possible someone used a sophisticated caller ID spoofing scheme that changes the caller ID on both phone calls. However, the most plausible explanation is the prank call described above.

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