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Two Bay Area Teens Arrested for Killing a Man over an iPhone X


Image via Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

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Two 18-year-olds from the Bay Area have been arrested for killing an innocent man over an iPhone X, according to local media reports.

The victim was 32-year-old Danny Carlos, a father from Redwood City.

Carlos had put up his iPhone X for sale on “letgo,” a popular app similar to Craigslist which allows users to list and sell items. On Nov, 18, Carlos drove to a busy gas station in San Leandro to sell the device to the two men. When he handed the iPhone X to them, they took it and fled. Carlos chased after them until one of the men turned and shot him, the East Bay Times reported.

Alameda County sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a shooting around 1:15 p.m. on Nov. 18, and found Carlos suffering from a single gunshot wound, court documents show.

Responding paramedics attempted life-saving measures, but Carlos was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators received a warrant for location data stored in letgo’s servers, and were able to find one of the suspect’s home address.

After further investigation, police eventually apprehended one of the men on Nov. 19 and another on Nov. 30. The two men were 18-year-old Jordan Patton and 18-year-old Marcus Fortune of San Leandro, California.

According to detectives, Fortune had shot Carlos, while Patton drove the get-away vehicle, CBS reported. Fortune admitted to police that the incident was meant to be a simple robbery, but it did not go as planned, the East Bay Times reported.

Both men graduated from San Leandro High School in May. Authorities said that Patton had never been in trouble before, and was a football player at nearby Chabot College in Hayward, according to CBS.

Patton and Fortune were charged with murder on Monday, according to court documents. Both men are being held in Alameda County Jail without bail, and are due to be arraigned Tuesday, Dec. 5.



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