Twitter Launches Subscription Service in the US That Lets You Undo Tweets

twitter blue Credit: Twitter
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Twitter started a subscription service called Twitter Blue back in June, with the first iteration made available only in Australia and Canada. Today Twitter announced via blog post that the subscription is now available in the U.S. and New Zealand on iOS, Android, and the web.

If you’re a dedicated Twitter user, the $2.99/month subscription might be something you want to consider, and there are some compelling reasons as to why you’d like it.

For starters, Twitter Blue subscribers have the ability to undo tweets, which is a luxury for those whose tweets get a lot of attention. So whenever you catch a mistake or tweet before thinking, you can easily fix it as if it never happened.

With the subscription, you also have access to various new customization tools, including your choice of new color themes and app icons. You can also rearrange the app’s navigation bar shortcuts.

Our hope with this initial phase is to gain a deeper understanding of what will make your Twitter experience more customized, more expressive, and generally speaking more


The subscription service places a huge emphasis on making it easier for its users to consume news and articles in general. Twitter has partnered with news sites, including The Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA TODAY, and more for Twitter Blue members to enjoy a fast-loading, ad-free reading experience when visiting the partner sites.

Additionally, Twitter Blue members are now being used as guinea pigs for new features that Twitter wants to test out. So you’d be one of the first to access the newest projects the company has up its sleeve. These features will change often, but as of right now, users can pin conversations in their DMs and upload longer videos up to 10 minutes.

Twitter claims to be invigorated by the feedback it is receiving from the countries where it initially launched Twitter Blue. That said, it should be interesting to see how well it does in the U.S.

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