Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPad Pro

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to the iPad Pro
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While the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as the release of the fourth-generation Apple TV were probably the most highly-anticipated portions of Apple’s “Hey Siri” event, the iPad Pro demo definitely stole the show.

Introduced as “the biggest news for the iPad since the iPad,” the iPad Pro features an amazing 12.9-inch display, 10-hour battery life, and extraordinarily fast internals. After watching the demo at the event, it’s safe to say that the device lives up to the hype. The iPad Pro becomes available for purchase in 40 countries this Wednesday, November 11th. The question is – why should you buy one?


1. It’s the most powerful iPad to date.

If the stunning display isn’t enough to sway you, maybe the iPad Pro’s processing power will. The device’s A9X chip runs 1.8x faster than Apple’s previous A8X chip, and runs 22x faster than the original iPad.

The graphics performance featured in the device is an even more impressive upgrade – although the display is much more impressive than in previous models, the iPad Pro still offers almost double the graphics performance of the iPad Air 2, and the device renders graphics an astonishing 360x faster than the original iPad did. Even if you have a more recent model iPad, there’s no doubt that the new iPad Pro will blow it away when it comes to performance.

2. It’s Perfect For Streaming Media and Gaming

Although the iPad Pro is marketed towards use in professional market, it is also the most impressive tablet we’ve ever seen for media applications.

The gorgeous display is perfect for streaming movies or catching up on your favorite Netflix series, and the device is powerful enough to handle the ever-growing library of graphically-intensive games on the market. On top of the display, the iPad Pro features a newly-redesigned four-speaker system for an overall better media experience.

3. It Works for ‘Work’

While some people find themselves doing a fair amount of work on their tablets and smartphones, the iPad Pro is really the first tablet that can rival a laptop in terms of productivity.

The screen size is sufficient enough for intensive graphic design work, and it carries enough processing power for image and video rendering. If you add in the physical keyboard, there’s almost nothing the iPad Pro can’t do that a laptop can. There are also a number of business-oriented apps designed for the iPad Pro – during the demo at the September launch event, execs from Microsoft, Adobe, and 3D4Medical showed an impressive array of apps that work efficiently and intuitively on the device.

4. The Accessories


Several impressive accessories designed specifically for the iPad Pro will also become available on November 11th. A new “smart” physical keyboard is available for the device, covered in “Apple-woven” fabric with “great feel” to the keys. The keyboard connects to the iPad Pro via a new, 3-pin magnetic connector that is capable of transmitting both power and data.

More impressive, however, is the Apple Pencil – Apple’s incredible new smart stylus for the iPad Pro. The way the Pencil interacts with the iPad Pro truly needs to be seen to be believed, and will surely deliver impressive results for fine art applications, as well as in office applications.

5. Portability

Although the iPad Pro is quite a bit larger than any of its iPad counterparts, it features impressive portability.

Yes, the 12.9-inch screen is quite large for a tablet, however the device is almost as thin as the iPad Air, and weighs in at only 1.57lbs – only 0.07lbs heavier than the original iPad. Although Apple has done an impressive job making their MacBooks thinner and lighter, the iPad Pro is simply easier to haul around than a laptop.

The iPad Pro will be available in 40 countries on Apple’s online store beginning Wednesday, November 11th, and in retail stores later in the week. A 32GB model will be available for $799, a 64GB model for $949, and a 128GB model with cellular data for $1079 in three colors – Silver, Gold, and Space Grey. The smart keyboard accessory will run users $169, and the Apple Pencil will retail for $99.


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