Top 5 New Features and Enhancements in iOS 10.1

Top 5 New Features and Enhancements in iOS 10.1
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Apple officially began rolling out its iOS 10.1 software update to the masses earlier this week, and as with any new software release, iOS 10.1 brings along with it a plethora of new features, UI enhancements, and general stability improvements throughout. Check out our top 5 favorites below.

1. iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait Mode

Taking center stage in this update, as many iPhone 7 Plus users have eagerly been anticipating, is Apple’s new Portrait mode feature in the iOS camera app. As an exclusive to Apple’s dual-lens-equipped iPhone 7 Plus, the Portrait mode feature is currently in its beta stage.

This feature is exclusive to the larger, 5.5-inch Plus variant of Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 7, making it a polarizing new addition to the handset’s photo taking abilities. In essence, Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus is achieved when the dual-lens camera sensors work synergistically to create a real “Bokeh” (or depth of field) effect in an image — evidenced when the foreground of said image is clear and sharp, while the background appears blurred out, so as to appear distant and fading.

It’s a really cool new feature for iPhone 7 Plus owners, but just remember to keep in mind, folks: Apple’s take on Portrait mode isn’t quite ready to replace your DSLR hardware just yet!

2. Replay Bubble and Screen Effects in iMessage

Have you ever received an iMessage featuring one of Apple’s many special effects? They’re actually pretty cool, and suit a variety of occasions; however, they’re not there to enjoy at your discretion — until now, that is. Thanks to Apple’s iOS 10.1 update, users can now relive the excitement of when they first read an iMessage sent to them with special effects. All you have to do is simply tap on the Replay option located in the bubble underneath the message.

3. iMessage Effects Play in Reduced Motion

Alternatively, you can also slow down the special messaging effects so that they last longer for your viewing pleasure! Simply navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > scroll down and select Reduce Motion > toggle Reduce Motion to On, and finally, enable the AutoPlay Message Effects option to On. (Keep in mind, as an iOS Accessibility tool, this feature will marginally reduce the latency of most system-wide UI interactions.)

4. Transit Support For All Major Train, Subway, Ferry, and Bus Lines in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Japan

If you just so happen to be among the estimated 65 million residents of Japan’s largest cities — Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya — then iOS 10.1 has a special treat baked in just for you: enhanced transit directions for most of the major public transit services available in those areas.

5. Improves LTE Cellular Connectivity Across All Apple Devices and Wireless Carriers

According to Forbes, iOS 10.1 also brings to the table a certain “hidden” feature, having to do with the iPhone 7’s litany of cellular connectivity issues that have surfaced in the last few weeks. It appears that Apple, in iOS 10.1, has officially addressed the breadth of these issues — via the introduction of cellular LTE connectivity performance upgrades for all major networks offering the iPhone 7.

What’s your favorite enhancement in iOS 10.1? Let us know in the comments!

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