Tim Cook and President Trump Will Meet to Discuss Chinese Trade War

Image via Reuters

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will pay President Donald Trump a visit to the White House today to discuss an ongoing trade war between the US and China.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Trump has invited Cook to attend a sit-down meeting in the Oval Office, where they’re expected to discuss trade.

The president’s official schedule, which is handled by the White House and available online, confirms the high-profile meeting. However, it is understood that journalists have not been invited to report on the talks.

At the start of the month, the Trump administration introduced a 25 percent tariff on a range of goods imported from China, including technology, transport and medical equipment.

Many saw the move from the US Government as a way for it to derail China’s ability to manufacture and export goods globally.

In a statement, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer said: “The proposed list of products is based on extensive interagency economic analysis and would target products that benefit from China’s industrial plans while minimizing the impact on the US economy.”

However, this has only increased tensions with China. As a retaliatory move after the US imposed tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminium, Beijing clamped down on $3 billion of American exports.

Many of the world’s biggest businesses have voiced concern about the situation, including Apple. During a business conference in China last month, he said the firm wants the two countries to resolve their differences.

“The countries that embrace openness do exceptional and the countries that don’t, don’t. It’s not a matter of carving things up between sides. I’m going to encourage that calm heads prevail,” he told delegates.

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