This YouTuber DIYs a ‘Foldable iPhone’

DIY Foldable iPhone Credit: Strange Parts / YouTube
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Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, but not everyone wants to wait for Apple to roll out this cutting-edge technology. Some people like to take matters into the own hands.

Such is the goal of Scotty Allen, host of YouTube’s Strange Parts channel, who tried to build his own flexible phone.

Allen started with two flexible displays that he bought off the Chinese e-commerce website AliExpress. One screen was extremely thin (0.3mm) and very flexible, while the other was thicker and a bit more rigid.

A Raspberry Pi 4 served as the conduit between the iPhone and the flexible displays.

Allen connected the Raspberry Pi to an iPhone via Wi-Fi and mirrored the display.

He then plugged the AMOLED screens into HDMI adapter boards which connected to the output of the Raspberry Pi 4.

And just like that, Allen created two flexible iPhone displays.

The thinner display gave the best approximation of a foldable iPhone, but it broke after Allen bent it too far.

The thicker display held up better in testing but was too thick to fold or bend like a true foldable phone.

Ultimately, Allen didn’t exactly create a flexible phone. Instead, he made a flexible AMOLED screen that was used to screencast an iPhone.

Nonetheless, it gives you an idea of what a flexible iPhone may look like and gives some insight into the challenges Apple may face if it indeed is trying to create a foldable iPhone.

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